Chef Alejandra Sala"s brand-new holiday dessert, the Buche de Noel is a Christmastime classic. (Photo through Michael Anthony)

Christmas is right roughly the corner, starting to nearby what to be somehow all at once both the longest and quickest year in memory — and that in itself is worth celebrating. But who wants to cook on Christmas in 2020? This year has actually been tough enough. Why not let one of Houston’s ideal Christmas restaurants execute the work?

Whether you’re looking for a timeless Christmas enjoy the meal or something much more unique, you’ll discover it on this list. Houston is just one of the most diverse and exciting food cities in America — and also Christmas must be no exception. These room the finest Houston restaurants open on Christmas eve and/or Christmas because that dine in and takeout.

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1. Backstreet Cafe

River Oaks

1103 S Shepherd DrHouston, TX 77019 | Map




Going out for Christmas night is a fun means to invest the holiday (especially as soon as no one desires to cook) and Backstreet café is supplying a one-of-a-kind Christmas eve dinner.

Grab a glass of totally free eggnog and also listen come a live jazz power by Bob Chadwick when deciding on what you’re going to eat. The dinner is easily accessible from 3 pm till 9 pm and costs $49 per adult (plus drinks, tax and gratuity) and also $15 every child.

There’s minimal seating so us recommend offering them a contact at 713-521-2239 to ensure her spot in ~ the festivities.

Backstreet is close up door Christmas Day.

2. B&B Butchers & Restaurant

1814 Washington AveHouston, TX 77007 | Map




B&B Butchers" welcome butcher shop helped it knife a place on the list.

With the entire exterior of the restaurant decked out together a substantial Christmas gift, B&B Butchers is certainly full of holiday spirit. However, B&B maestro Ben Berg seems to be in the giving mood all year all year long. His team recently cooked up more than 1,000 pounds of barbecue for the Berg Hospitality Drive-thru BBQ fundraiser, which assisted raise money because that restaurant workers influenced by the coronavirus. 

With not just a Christmas night lunch and also dinner, but likewise weekday lunches leading approximately the large day, B&B embraces this season v a force that few other Houston restaurants have the right to match.

Holding its own Christmas countdown, B&B hold a funny lunch regularly thru Christmas Eve, December 24. The lunch happens Tuesdays v Fridays and is a an excellent way to get into the season

Lunch menu options include a life bar, hearty sandwiches indigenous the butcher shop’s deli counter and tasty fillets. This cheerful lunches lead approximately the big day, Christmas Eve, the last day of B&B’s exclusive Christmas lunches, and also the only night the they’re doing a distinct Christmas dinner.

3. Bloom & Bee

Many say there’s no far better way come celebrate the holidays than with great food. Bloom & bee in the short article Oak Hotel, which has actually been transformed into a true vacation wonderland, provides that ring true v its Christmas eve dinner.

The one-of-a-kind dinner costs $85 every person and also diners gain their choice of Celeriac Bisque, Crab Salad, or Texas video game “Pate en Croute” because that the very first course. Pan-Seared Duck chest & Foie Gras, carved Prime Rib Au Jus and Fennel Dusted Pan Seared Scallops are your main entree options.

A Christmas Bauble features an array of holiday-themed treats because that dessert. The garden-inspired restaurant is no requiring reservations for that Christmas night meal, however they are extremely recommended.

4. Bludorn Restaurant


Take all the hassle the end of preparing a Christmas night meal and also instead head over to Bludorn and also chow down on an exquisitely prepared three-course meal. After ~ all, aren’t the holidays supposed to be a time the celebration, no stress?

For $95 every person, feast on chef specials and also even a few off-menu items prefer Beef Wellington and a Christmastime classic, Buche de Noel. To go all the end on the festivities, include caviar service and also seafood towers to your table because that the ultimate funny time. 

There will likewise be a youngsters meal obtainable at $35 per boy with salmon and chicken together options.

Although the dinner will defintiely be filling, make certain to save room for a treat. Bludorn’s will be handing out cost-free cookies that are meant because that Santa. But we won’t phone call if they never ever make it to the jolly fellow’s fireside cookie plate.

Reservations because that the dinner space encouraged.

5. Brasserie du Parc

What’s better than Christmas? Christmas through a wonder French twist.

The French café in the love of Downtown Houston is supplying two various menus on Christmas Eve. Brasserie du Parc will have actually its traditional lunch menu from 11 am till 3 pm and also a one-of-a-kind Christmas night dinner native 5 pm until 9 pm.

The Christmas eve dinner will certainly be a three-course meal and also will it is in $58 for adults and also $22 for children. Entree alternatives include Jambon Miel-Thym Parisien (Parisian Honey-Thyme Ham), Coquilles Saint-Jacques (Great Scallops) and also Faux Filet Rôti (New York Roast).

For dessert, Brasserie du Parc is tapping right into some European vacation favorites and is supplying Bûche de Noel (Yule Log) and also Pudding Collant Au Caramel (Sticky Toffee pudding through French vanilla bean ice cream cream).

Reservations because that Brasserie du Parc’s three-course dinner are very recommended.

6. Brennan’s of Houston

A true Houston institution, Brennan’s has actually been dishing up top-tier food and also atmosphere for more than half a century. Come celebrate the holidays, the sister location to new Orleans’ civilization famous Commander’s palace will be open on Christmas night for a Cajun holiday dinner.

The menu is TBD, but because it’s Brennan’s, you can have to trust the Christmas meal will certainly be Southern-inspired and also memorable.

Seating is indigenous 5 pm till 8:30 pm and also Brennan’s will have heated al fresco dining alternatives for a festive night dining under the stars. 

To make appointments make certain to call Brennan’s at 713-522-9711 as the restaurant does no take online reservations on significant holidays.

7. Cleburne Cafeteria

Houston classic Cleburne Cafeteria will be serving up homestyle key this vacation season. Cleburne’s is a true throwback with several of its recipes dating earlier to the 1940s. This cafeteria is a good option for a nostalgic Christmas meal.

Expect every the requirements you love. Ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, meringue pie and ice crate pie and plenty of various other home-cooked staples room all on tap.

Enjoy a homecooked meal in the restaurant or take it it to-go. Cleburne’s holiday hours run native 11 am to 2:30 pm on Christmas Eve and also from 11 am until 8 afternoon on Christmas Day.

8. Goode Co. Barbeque

If you have actually the main entree covered yet don’t desire to attend to cooking up a ton that sides, Goode Co. Barbeque is supplying a la carte sides and also extras to-go.

Pickup or distribution will take location on December 23 or 24.

The barbecue persons have additionally have make dessert as easy as feasible by supplying a pie drive-thru at three of its places (Kirby, Memorial, and The Woodlands) starting on December 23. The drive-thru pie booths will certainly be open up from 8 am until 5 pm and are the easiest method to obtain a Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie or Goode agency Chocolate Pie.

9. Le Colonial

This flow Oaks ar staple is serving up a Christmas menu full of its take on Vietnamese cuisine. Le early american is offering two prix fixe menus for two various dining experiences this holiday season. Over there is a lunch food selection for $65 and a dinner food selection for $85.

The Christmas food selection comes v dishes prefer Sui Cao Chien (pan-seared chicken dumplings), Vit Confit (five pice duck cassoulet) and also Suon Cuu Nuong (lamb chops). For dessert, select from warmth tapioca pudding and vanilla créme brûlée among others. Come take her dining experience up another level, opt to add wine pairings to your meal.

Le early american will be open up on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day from 11 am until 10 pm, so there is plenty of opportunity to stop by. The menus space also obtainable for takeout, however make sure to ar your stimulate by 12 pm this Monday, December 21.

10. Lucille’s

There’s no far better time to brunch 보다 the holidays and also local favourite Lucille’s is providing a Christmas night brunch menu that combines holidays and also brunch magic into one funny experience.

The southern restaurant’s brunch menu functions dishes such together Oxtail Omelettes, Chicken & Waffles, Lobster Benedict and Croissant French Toast. 

Dine ~ above Lucille’s patio and also enjoy live music. Brunch operation from 10 am till 3 afternoon on Christmas Eve. The occasion is reservations only and also they’re just taking teams of up to 6, therefore make certain to make a reservation.

11. Musaafer

For a decadent three-course Christmas night meal, Musaafer’s holiday one-of-a-kind perfectly fits the bill. Motivated by the 100-day journey 2 Spice course Co. Chefs traversed approximately India, Musaafer’s menu is a culmination of cooking tips and also tricks learned from visiting different regions the India. 

For a unique method to invest the holiday, protect against by Musaafer and also get a taste that India in one of Houston’s many beautifully decorated dining rooms. Musaafer’s Christmas night feast will encompass dishes such together spiced turkey mosaic and Christmas cake. 

Musaafer will certainly be open up from 5 pm until 10 pm on Christmas Eve.

12. Phat Eatery

In a year that changes, why not switch out the normal Chritmas turkey meal and create a new culinary tradition? just a quick drive outside of Houston in Katy, Malaysian food restaurant Phat Eatery is open up on Christmas Day. 

Known for its diverse menu through dishes that include Beef Rendang, Charcoal-Grilled Satay, Hainanese Chicken and Roti Canai, Phat Eatery’s is open for dine-in (its industrial chic dining room provides for a various Christmas scene) or to-go with special party trays.

Phat Eatery’s current hrs are native 11 am until 9 pm Sundays through Thursdays and also 11 am till 10 pm Fridays and also Saturdays.

13. The Annie cafe & Bar

The Annie coffee shop & Bar has actually gone all out with its Christmas decor. Restaurant tycoon Ben Berg would certainly not have actually it any type of other way. It’s decked the end in Christmas trees, wreaths and Christmas carolers are also often strolling about.

The festive write-up Oak Boulevard restaurant is hosting a Christmas eve lunch and also dinner where The Annie’s consistent menu will be available as well as some special dishes from executive chef Robert Del Grande.

If you’d quite celebrate in ~ home, The Annie is likewise offering a three-course Christmas eve prix fixe to-go menu. Entre choices include standard Christmas heritage Turkey, Filet the Beef and also Chilean Sea Bass. All 3 courses have suggested wine pairings to assist perfectly round the end the feast.

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Reservations are compelled for Christmas night meals therefore make sure to contact 713-804-1800 or for sure a point out on OpenTable.