For all auto owners, regular maintenance must come as 2nd nature specifically as most new cars remind us once an oil readjust is early out or tire push level is low. However, in a Toyota Prius, the “red triangle of death” is similar to a check engine light on standard combustion vehicles.

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The warning light might be other as basic as a low oil push warning, or it can mean miscellaneous more. In the occasion your hybrid car is experiencing a more serious issue, having actually the codes scanned and also diagnosed is your very first call come action.

In this article, The Hybrid geek delves right into common reasons for the warning and also how to conveniently get you back on the road by resolving the red triangle of death in hybrid vehicles.


Common Causes

Many Prius motorists have report the most common cause for a red triangle of fatality light is an concern with your battery. Typically, the codes that come increase after a diagnostic space P0A80 and P3000.

The P300 code refers to the Prius’ battery regulate system. Once this password appears, the trouble is frequently caused by number of sources, yet it means there is an worry with the HV battery’s ECU. Indications that her Prius is experiencing this typical problem are:

Fuel gauge fluctuations and incorrect readings.Blower fan routinely kicks on an interpretation the hybrid is getting heated up, thus, battery capacity depreciates.Drastically diminished gas mileage v no various other cause.Dash lamp displaying, such as red triangle of death.

The P0A80 password is a sign that her hybrid battery pack is suffering cell failure, i beg your pardon is presented as a malfunction in the vehicle’s battery management system. The HVBMS (hybrid automobile battery administration system) is responsible because that regulating the fee level of her hybrid’s battery pack. By surveillance battery temperature, voltage, and individual cell resistance, the HVBMS diagnose her battery pack’s condition and optimum charging level.

When the HVBMS reports inconsistent battery or cabinet temperature, a red triangle of death will be displayed and a P0A80 code is present. Although the hybrid battery pack has 204 cells, it just takes 1 failing or negative cell to cause the code and it way the battery is on obtained time.

How to resolve P3000

As we’ve discussed in past articles, a failing battery fill doesn’t necessarily mean you require a new one. Beginning with a diagnostic service, a license is granted HV mechanic can aid offer options. Among the common choices is clear a new battery pack in the event there are much more than simply 1 bad cells in ~ the pack.

Another viable and less expensive alternative is reconditioning the hybrid battery pack. This is a great option for older packs particularly with more than 100,000 miles. The state of health inspect will help give friend a starting point and also your hybrid mechanic shop have the right to offer girlfriend the best option for your situation.

Lastly, preventative treatment is additionally your finest bet to store the battery load functioning correctly as long as possible. Solutions such together cell testing and also state of health checks can help give you an idea of possible problems i m sorry may occur in your hybrid.

How to fix P0A80

Again, starting with a diagnostic business will assist you know why the red triangle of death has readily available up code P0A80. Typically, the best fix because that this is to fix damaged cell (or change dead ones) if possible. Reconditioning the battery can additionally rectify the issue, however your hybrid mechanic will be the best person to make the last decision.

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Final Thoughts

If you room experiencing this warning authorize on her Toyota Prius or hybrid vehicle, that time to get a state of health check. The Hybrid geek offers an extensive care, from free state of health and wellness checks, to full battery rebuild/recondition.