Thanks to the referral of a few friends, I’m currently hooked ~ above Omarosa’s awful dating display on TV One, “Donald J. Trump Presents: The ultimate Merger.” It’s the usual Flavor the Love fact dating show, which provides the very annoying Omarosa an excuse to push roughly a bunch of i m really sorry men.

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One of she victims is former R&B heartthrob Al B sure (I refuse to usage the exclamation suggest after his name). And long-time R&B fans will remember Al B’s same light-skinned (and therefore, adored) cousin, Christopher Williams.
Well, “remember” can be a stretch – these days, all Christopher Williams is remembered because that is yelling “Don’t wake me, I’m dream-maaying!!!!!,” dumping do Berry and also bumbling about the set of new Jack City.


Williams come on the scene in 1989 and also apparently donned his finest prom suit for the sheathe of his debut, Adventures in Paradise. The very first single, “Talk come Myself,” was part of the era’s huge brand-new Jack swing movement, while the follow-up “Promises, Promises” was the common slow jam. Neither were groundbreaking.
Williams yes, really hit his stride two years later, playing the duty of Kareem Akbar in my favorite movie ever, brand-new Jack City. Ns never interpreted his character – slick-talking hit-man? weird hanger-oner? Eh, that doesn’t matter. New Jack City definitely isn’t high-brow cinema.

The soundtrack for the film spawned Williams’ greatest hit, “I’m Dreamin.” that hit No. 1 on the R&B charts. On one unrelated note, ns didn’t realize until researching because that this short article that nearly all early 90s videos attribute giant fans the spin in the shadows – WHY?

Following his newfound success, Williams dropped Changes the following year, which went on to be his most successful release. “All i See,” in my humble opinion, is more than likely the finest song of his career. The uptempo “Every small Thing U Do” to be a kind hit too. I never interpreted why he was randomly running under a beach in the video, though. At least there were no gigantic oversized fans around.


Williams reverted buck-naked through an ugly defect mask because that 1995’s Not A Perfect Man. Why go he have actually a mask? You’ll need to ask Kareem Akbar, ns guess. “Dance 4 Me” was pretty an excellent and Williams’ voice to be a solid as ever but the solitary never acquired off the ground. It’s a shame as well – Williams was moving beyond the generic brand-new Jack swing formula and finding himself however I guess that was too late.
And speak of as well late, Williams take it a long break and also returned in 2001 with Real males Do. I’m not sure who approved the rounded razor-line he sports on the album cover yet he requirements to borrow that tribal mask again. Real guys Do to be barely a blip on the R&B radar however check out the beautiful “Violin” – he plainly still had some skills.

That album wrapped up Williams’ recording career – because that now, anyway. Instead, the has focused on acting, certification in Chitlin Circuit plays prefer “The Clean increase Woman.” so the following time “Your street is too High come Box with God” involves your town, look for Williams ~ above the marquee.

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Should he Come Back?: Christopher Williams has always been one oddly underappreciated talent. Yeah, females squealed and fell anywhere themselves because that him but that fist overshadowed his vocal ability. In ~ this point in his career, he might be better served appeal to his fans in plays than on iTunes.