‘Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before afall’ – Proverbs 16:18

People are never fond the anyone who is proud, overconfident or overbearing. It is far better to it is in humble 보다 to have a superiority complex. Pride not only brings your downfall but also makes friend look foolish.

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but people who space proud establish this only once they confront a grave situation in life and the endure teaches lock a beneficial lesson. 

This proverb is coined indigenous the well-knownstory entitled, “The Hare and Tortoise”.We every remember having read it throughout our kindergarten days.

The hare always quick on his feet challenged a tortoise come a running race. The tortoise, being a slow pet he was no match for the hare but accepted the challenge. On the work of the gyeongju all the pets assembled at one place and the race began. Alas! prefer a lightning the hare sprinted throughout and disappeared from sight. But poor tortoise walked slowly, together usual. The proud hare, which had actually gone too much away, paused under a tree. That knew the the tortoise would certainly take a lengthy time to reach, therefore he stretched and also slept. Meanwhile, the tortoise came there, witnessed the hare sleeping and also went front quietly and reached the to win post, giving a crushing loss to the hare.



Pride is just one of the seven deadly sins because that areason. It close the door our minds come learning, makes us selfish, and jeopardizes ourroles as leaders and also successful business owners. But putting proud aside canhelp us in our endeavors to be much better and an ext successful.


While pride mirrors you sufficiently value yourself and also your accomplishmentsand it help you occupational toward what you deserve, it’s dangerous in largequantities. The very first step to checking her pride is recognizing when you perhaps too prideful. Be introspective yet not too difficult on yourself. Once you start listening to your thoughtsand thinking around others, you’ll be able to exercise far better control overpride.


By continuing to be open-minded, you’ll currently be serving yourself and teammembers better. If you feeling yourselfshutting who down prior to someone even finishes a sentence, take it a breathand do yourself focus on your opinion. If you don’t agree or understand, aska clarifying question. Being open-mindedwill an increase team morale and you’ll additionally wind up with far better ideas and results.

Listen,Don’t Talk

It’s difficult to know everything, and people that pretend come areoften resented because that acting that way. As soon as you’re offering someone rather theopportunity come express us or your ideas, you’re placing your prideaside. Focus more on hear insteadof talking and see how many new things you discover in the process.

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As we attain high positions in life, weshould become more and more humble. Over there lies our true worth. The true quality of a man is humility, notpride.