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Episode travel guide | Diamond and also Pearl: battle Dimension Ash and also Co. Continue to travel v Sinnoh.
521Tears for Fears!3
522Once There were Greenfields!3
523Throwing The track Switch!6
524The Keystone Pops!1
525Bibarel Knaws Best0
526Nosing "Round The Mountain!0
527Luxray Vision!0
528Journey come the Unown!0
529Team Shocker!0
530Tanks for The Memories!0
531Hot Springing A Leak!0
532Riding The Winds of Change!2
533Sleight of Sand!0
534Lost Leader Strategy!0
535Crossing The battle Line!1
536A Triple Fighting Chance!0
537Enter Galactic!3
538The Bells room Singing!0
539Pokémon Ranger and also the kidnapped Riolu! (Part 1)0
540Pokémon Ranger and the kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2)2
541Crossing Paths!2
542Pika and also Goliath!5
543Our Cup Runneth Over!1
544A complete Course tag Battle!3
545Staging A Heroes Welcome!0
546Pruning a Passel the Pals!0
547Strategy v A Smile!3
548Thief the Keeps on Thieving!1
550Cream the the Croagunk Crop!1
551A Crasher food In Power0
552Hungry because that The great Life!1
553Fighting fear With Fear!0
554Arriving In Style!0
555The Psyduck stop Here0
556Camping that Up0
557Up Close and also Personable3
558Ghoul Daze0
559One Team, 2 Team, Red Team, Blue Team!0
560A Lean mean Team Rocket Machine0
561Playing The Leveling Field0
562Doc Brock0
563Battling The Generation Gap0
564Losing that is Lustrous0
565Double Team Turnover3
566If The Scarf Fits, wear It0
567A Trainer and Child Reunion0
568Aiding The Enemy2
569Barry"s Busting out All Over!0
570Shield with A Twist2
571Jumping Rocket Ship0
572Sleepless in Pre-Battle0
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