Uh oh! has pink eye infected your house? discover out just how to spot this highly transmittable eye infection, plus acquire soothing, effective home remedies because that pink eye.

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Maybe your toddler woke up through an eye crusted shut, or perhaps you obtained a school notification that pink eye is walk around. Since conjunctivitis can conveniently spread as fast as lightening, it’s not a poor idea to share your home with the best ingredients to make the ideal home remedies for pink eye.

But let’s start from the really beginning. In this post, we’ll cover:

What Is Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis is one eye condition in which the conjunctiva (the clear lining the covers the white part of your eye) is inflamed. The inflammation usually causes the eye to show up pink, i beg your pardon is exactly how conjunctivitis earned its nickname: pink eye.

What causes Pink Eye?

Pink eye can be caused by allergies, bacteria, or viruses. (More on that below!)

But regardless of what reasons the infection, an eye infected through pink eye is red, supervisor itchy, and additionally plagued by white or yellow discharge.

What does famous pink eye look at like?

drtcarlson – pink eye


Viral pink eye is an extremely watery (the eye generally looks glassy) and usually diffusion from one eye to the other through contact. The over image clearly shows how red and also inflamed the conjunctiva have the right to get. (source)

What does bacterial pink eye watch like?

bacter – pink eye

The above image depicts bacterial pink eye, a form of conjunctivitis properties of oozing and also crusted pus. (source) If you wake up up with your eye “stuck” shut, you may suspect bacterial pink eye is the culprit. (source)

What does allergic pink eye watch like?

allergic – pink eye

The over image depicts allergic conjunctivitis. (source) Allergic pink eye walk not have actually the special mucus the a bacterial infection has. Instead, the eye is super inflamed and itchy. 

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signs of Pink Eye

Wondering if you have actually pink eye or if your eyes are simply bloodshot from not getting enough sleep? Sleep-induced bloodshot eyes commonly don’t have any type of other symptoms other than red eyes.

If you have actually pink eye, you’ll probably likewise experience one or more of the following symptoms:

Your eye is red and/or uncomfortableYour eye is developing yellow or white pus or mucusIt’s tough to open up your eye due to excessive crustYou’re in pain or having trouble seeing because of watery discharge and mucusYou eye is sensitive to lightYour eye is itchy

Note: Pink eye can influence just one eye or it can affect both eyes at the same time.

If It’s no Pink Eye, What Else might It Be?

Not all red, swollen, irritated, or crusty eyes are due to pink eye. Follow to WebMD, the following conditions may cause similar symptoms:

Seasonal allergiesExcessively dry eyesA styIritis (an inflamed iris)Chalazion (an inflamed gland along the eyelid)Blepharitis (inflamed or infected skin follow me the eyelid)

If you suspect your symptoms may be a an outcome of something various other than pink eye, call your medical care provider. They have the right to do one eye test to rule out various other conditions.

standard Treatment because that Pink Eye

If girlfriend do have pink eye, treatment counts on the cause of her conjunctivitis.

For bacter pink eye:

Bacterial pink eye is caused by a bacteria prefer streptococcus pneumonia or staphylococcus aureus. Your doctor deserve to prescribe drops, or ointments, prefer bacitracin, erythromycin, or moxifloxacin, for bacterial pink eye. (source)

In most cases, though, you don’t need antibiotic eye drops uneven the pink eye is caused by chlamydia or gonorrhea (which is rare, especially in children). (source)

For famous pink eye:

Since conjunctivitis is generally viral, antibiotics won’t help, and may even reason harm by reducing their performance in the future or leading to a medication reaction (i.e. Allergy reaction to antibiotics). In fact, studies display that famous pink eye is the many common form of pink eye and often does no require medical treatment. (source)

For allergy pink eye:

Up come 40 percent that pink eye cases are caused by seasonal and also indoor allergies favor pollen, dust mites, and also mold spores.

However, most people do no seek clinical treatment because that allergic pink eye. (This is likely because of the truth that many human being self-treat allergies fairly than seek medical treatment for seasonal/indoor allergies.) The best course of activity here is to address the allergens that cause the pink eye.

home Remedies for Pink Eye

When you first suspect the you have pink eye, there are two points you must do before trying any type of home remedies for pink eye.

Stop wearing contacts. If they space disposables, toss them and also wear her glasses till your eyes room better. If you do not have actually disposable lenses, clean her contacts thoroughly, according to the directions detailed by your eye doctor.Stop put on eye makeup. litter away something that come in contact with your eyes, and buy new makeup when you’re better.

Next, shot one of much more of these residence remedies because that pink eye to alleviate symptoms that bacterial and also viral pink eye and ease discomfort.

Apply a cool compress

Cool temperature soothe itchiness and discomfort.

Soak a soft fabric in cool water (just a few degrees under lukewarm, therefore aim for 80-90 level F)Wring it outPress gently on the eyelid.

Note: Always usage a clean towel each time you wipe your eyes to prevent re-infection, and also if you’re wiping her child’s eyes, be certain to wash her hands afterward.

Apply a heat compress

Alternatively, you have the right to use warm compresses (around 90-98 levels F) to loosen any type of crusted eyelashes, yet once the rubber loosens, don’t overdo the warm compresses—it can worsen symptoms.

And, remember, always use a clean towel each time friend wipe her eyes to protect against re-infection. If you’re wiping your child’s eyes, be certain to wash her hands afterward.

Use chest milk

Squirt what in your eye?! Yep, breast milk has actually been offered for centuries to help squash infections, and mamas now still swear by it. While part studies discovered that breast milk added much more bacteria come the eye (source), it’s necessary to keep in mind that anecdotal advice because that this is much more than abundant. Why? Breast milk help to minimize inflammation. (source)

How to usage breast milk as a home remedy because that pink eye:

Hand-express or pump part milk into a clean container.Using a clean eye-dropper, administer a couple of drops right into your eyes.Apply every couple of hours.

Make love husband eye drops

Manuka honey has actually been offered for millennia to treat eye conditions. That’s right: millennia. In the 300s Aristotle himself created that “pale honey” was a an excellent remedy because that “sore eyes and also wounds.” studies support his hypothesis, too: honey is proven come fend turn off bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus (S. Aureus) and Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori). (source)

To do Manuka honey eye drops, friend need:

Manuka honeyClean waterAn eye dropperA clean jar


Boil 1/2 cup of filtered water, and let it cool.Pour right into a clean jar.Using the clean eye dropper, administer a couple of drops every couple of hours. Be cautious not come let the dropper touch her eye, otherwise you risk re-introducing bacteria.

Use colloidal silver- drops

Colloidal silver, which is silver particles rely in water, has actually been used because the Roman and Greek time for dealing with infections. In fact, colloidal silver- was provided to treat infections from old times also up come the 1940s (when Penicillin was invented). A 2011 examine confirms the colloidal silver is efficient in treating fungal, bacterial, and also viral infections. (source)

To use colloidal silver as eye drops:

Repeat increase to 4 times every day

Take probiotics

Probiotics are a an excellent way to assistance your body throughout an infection, but probiotics may have an extra helpful function to play once it involves pink eye. A study published in Fraefes Archives that Clinical and also Experimental Ophthalmology discovered that probiotic autumn in the eyes helped reduce symptom of pink eye.

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(source) Granted, the took 2 weeks because that the entrants to check out a resolve, therefore if you go this route, you might want to usage this an approach in conjunction through other home remedies for pink eye.