Alan Luxmore, Tracy Hutson, and Tanya McQueen

To assist the designers in the creative process, there’s a third cast member, contractor, Alan Luxmore, himself with relations to Extreme Makeover and previous hold of A&E’s Fix This Yard.

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Despite at an early stage complaints or fears (primarily based upon the American Pickers‘ promos) that Picker Sisters was going come emphasize pretty women (including the use of short-shorts and other feminine charm in bespeak to acquire deals), i was looking front to the show. Prefer Cash & Cari, i was hope this series would emphasize decorating both in regards to objects and also projects; much like Cash & Cari, ns was to be disappointed. Just like Cash & Cari, ns was hope we’d no only have actually the Picker Sisters display us what castle transformed, but how it to be done. But it misses that mark.

Since the success of this collecting reflects is partly dependent top top the personality of the cast, it bears stating that Hutson and McQueen come across as valley Girls satisfy former expert NFL cheerleaders; perhaps a bit to bubbly and also hair-twirly for most of us. (And those 80’s headbands only emphasis it.)

I don’t want to bash these beauties for how they look; that would certainly be together wrong as saying someone isn’t good-looking enough to it is in on TV. However there are practical matters here…

Those of us willing to choose on farms, v old commercial items, etc., us don’t only have actually work gloves, we wear blue jeans or lengthy pants to safeguard our foot — no matter exactly how fab our foot look in quick shorts. I gain that they room on camera, however aren’t lock annoyed enough by their very own Farrah Fawcett locks, blowing right into their eyes, sticking to the sweat on your necks, to put it up in a ponytail or something? I’m less worried about two grown females — complete with camera crew — acquiring hurt heading off through strange males than ns am about cuts, infections and also diseases from stumbling around improperly pull on in areas where tetanus and also hantaviruses make terrific bedfellows.

As i mentioned, ns feel that Luxmore‘s work-related is slighted… yet perhaps that’s because he’s one actor play a character role. In the few scenes Luxmore is in, that plays the irritable “daddy” come the two little girls on the road, ominous about projects, money spent, architecture ideas. Worse, he’s displayed working while showing up straight the end of some Gap ad or GQ photo-shoot, his black color sleeveless muscle shirts taunt across his chest, tightly and neatly tucked right into crisp belted eco-friendly khakis. If he’s a grasp of the 100 hour build, why is he playing a stock masculine character, one component beefcake one component paternal masculine disapproving the his errant to buy sex kittens?

Like his female cast members, Luxmore ought to dress because that the occupational at hand. We’ll notice he’s handsome, anyway, ns promise.

Overall, the present feels far much more Hollywood glossy 보다 “unscripted” (the brand-new word for fact shows). If this may appeal to a certain part of the tv audience, ns feel it’s a disservice to the cast — reflecting them an ext as quite and, because of the lack of “reality,” more bumbling 보다 the educated and also experienced people they are. Coupled through the lack of any type of shop or announcements of where it will appear, the quite posing renders me feel the shop is just a premise. Television does blur v tinsel town, friend know, so it every feels as well glossy, also fake…

Tracy Hutson & Tanya McQueen ~ above The Road

Perhaps we’re supposed to gain the fashionista-fish out of water thing… yet McQueen, Hutson and Luxmore are build and design heavyweights, so probably they should have left them a little an ext raw and saved all the sprucing up for the finished project pieces.

That said, there are an excellent things in the show…

There’s less of a monetary emphasis on the show; despite that might simply be because of the too-small price / offered graphics.

And the is funny to view the before and also afters — even if that is in ~ sacrificing how it’s done. I consider myself a an innovative person, a visual human being with an eye for seeing the potential in “junk” and I’m no bored through what I’ve viewed so far — far from it, I’m inspired by all the repurposing of industrial items!

I won’t it is in glued to episodes, but I will certainly watch an ext of Picker Sisters. Even if i am hope the show format itself will undergo a revolution of it’s own.

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PS Because Lifetime conveniently signed on because that a seven-part, one-hour collection (originally licensed has been granted To Live and Buy), I’m not certain we’ll see any type of changes in Picker Sisters; the slick format’s likely set.