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In action II scene 3, Romeo involves Friar Lawrence come ask the he marry Romeo and also Juliet – the good Friar chides Romeo for having so easily abandoned Rosaline for another, and also agrees come wed castle in hopes that the plot will resolve the feud in between their families. Before...

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In act II step 3, Romeo comes to Friar Lawrence come ask that he marry Romeo and also Juliet – the good Friar chides Romeo for having so easily abandoned Rosaline because that another, and also agrees to wed lock in really hopes that the plot will fix the feud between their families. Before all this take away place, however, we have actually Friar Lawrence alone, waxing poetic together he goes to pick weeds and also flowers beforehand in the morning, talk to himself about the day and the earth, and also personifying every little thing he can collection his eyes on.

Personification is the attribution of person traits come non-human things, and also we have plenty of instances from the Friar’s very first monologue, beginning, indeed, v the an initial line: “The grey-eyed morn smiles top top the frowning night.” right here we have a dawn v a humans’ grey eyes, smiling favor a person does on the darkness it replaces – the night, i m sorry is frowning as a human does. One emotionally optimistic day, and an emotionally an adverse night. A few lines down the sunlight is offered a “burning eye,” and a couple of lines ~ this the Friar speak of mom Nature and every one of us her children, a vast sweep of all the flora and also fauna who feed off the earth – the concept of “Mother Nature” is a usual personification, attributing every the nurturing attributes of a mother to the world around us – a people from i beg your pardon we space nourished, yes, but a world as well that is in reality indifferent to and unaware of our existence.

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Further ~ above in the monologue us hear the Friar speak of a plant, which has a sweet, invigorating smell and also yet is gift if eaten. This two aspects of the plant"s nature he explains as “Two together opposed kings,” personifying the separation nature of the tree as 2 rulers of delight and of misery.