Tuesday marked a milestone for President George H. W. Bush and also his wife, Barbara. As of Jan. 6, 2015, they have been married for 70 year -- marrying under a flag through 48 stars at a consciousness officiated by president Roosevelt, we assume. Not really, of course; shrub had newly returned from energetic duty in civilization War II as soon as the pair wed, and the political juggernaut the is the shrub family hadn"t yet kicked into gear.

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How unusual is a couple reaching their 70th wedding anniversary? Very. The Census collection data on marriage and also divorce (though not for long) and put together a report in 2009 that explored marriage statistics.

About 60 percent of males married in the duration between 1960 and 1965 had reached your 40th wedding anniversaries by the moment the Census to be conducted. About 50 percent of ladies married in the same duration had. (Those room the single, large dots in ~ left.)

The data don"t go back any more than that, for the likely reason the so few marriages make it that long.

Why not? together you could expect, divorce prices tend to taper turn off by the time you"ve been married that long. After ~ all, as soon as you"ve made that through 6 presidential administrations, a marriage should have the ability to survive anything. Here"s the Census data on divorce percentages through race.

The limiting aspect in getting to your 70th anniversary, that course, isn"t the spouses have lastly gotten fed up with each other. It"s old age. The Bushes room 90 and also 89 respectively; the life expectancy for males when George H.W. To be born to be under 60, and also for women, just about that long. One likely reason an ext men have been married 40 year than females in that very first graph is the women have tendency to outlive their spouses. In that Census report, over half of females 70 and older had been widowed at part point, while just 22 percent of males had.

The Bureau has actually slightly much more specific data top top the variety of women that made it to 50 year in your marriages. In 2008, 6.2 percent that married women had been married 50 year -- and also that"s down substantially from the one-fifth that had actually been married because that at least 35.

If you find for couples that room celebrating a 70th anniversary, you"ll stumble across some examples. It"s no as unusual as the 80th, or even the 71st. However it"s uncommon sufficient to be a clean outlier in the government"s analysis.

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We currently knew that the Bushes were an outstanding couple. However even in marriage, something that seems much more attainable to most Americans than winning the presidency, they have actually beaten the norm.