Hunters can now search, create and print customized maps through Hunter accessibility properties, Wildlife management Units, aerial photographs, topographic base maps, and also more. Develop personalized maps making use of the Mapping Center.

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Hunter access Program

In enhancement to the countless public soil acres accessible to hunters statewide, the Pennsylvania game Commission keolistravelservices.comrtner with exclusive landowners to provide public hunting avenues through that is Hunter access Program. For an ext than 80 years, the program continues to administer hunting and trapping methods to the Commonwealth"s sportsmen on countless acres of exclusive lands.

Created in 1936, the game Commission’s Hunter accessibility Program began as an experimental program cooperative designed to increase hunting territory, improve video game conditions, and also improve wildlife habitat on ranches The program came to be an overnight sensation for the game Commission; hunters witnessed it as a plan to augment lands where public hunting was allowed, and also landowners saw it together a means to much better manage your property"s video game populations with hunting, trapping and habitat enhancements. As the program gained much more favorable reviews and also endorsements, at some point it spread throughout the whole state and began to enroll nature with assorted habitat types.

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The Hunter access Program, i m sorry is administrate by a term-lease agreement, creates a keolistravelservices.comrtnership in between the game Commission and also landowner whereby they work-related in concert to enhance public hunting and trapping opportunities and also wildlife habitat on the residential or commercial property enrolled. Hunters and trappers assist to manage game and also furbearer populations through lawful hunting and trapping. In exchange for this access, the video game Commission offers a range of benefits and incentives to the cooperating landowner.

Landowner Responsibilities

More 보다 13,000 different by keolistravelservices.comrcels of exclusive lands are right now enrolled in the agency"s Hunter access Program. These properties, situated in most of the state"s 67 counties, cover an ext than 2.18 million acres. In exchange for the incentives and benefits provided by the video game Commission, landowners have the following responsibilities:

Provide reasonable accessibility for hunting and also trapping. Reasonable access is defined as allowing access for at the very least two that the complying with categories: Deer and Bear, Turkey, tiny Game, and/or Trapping. Limitations may be implemented on this categories, however, the game Commission will recognize if limitations permit for reasonable access.Allow for cost-free Hunter access signage come be placed on the enrolled residential or commercial property at logical accessibility points so hunters have the right to identify the property.Landowner Rights

A common misperception of the game Commission’s Hunter access Program is the cooperating landowners forgo their civil liberties as landowners. Enrolling in the Hunter access Program only means that the landowner is willing to provide reasonable access to their property for hunting and also trapping. The landowner retains the appropriate to require hunters and trappers to acquire permission to accessibility their property. The video game Commission makes a variety of signs accessible to cooperating landowners to facilitate access issues.

Landowner Benefits

The game Commission works carefully with cooperating landowners to ensure your keolistravelservices.comrticikeolistravelservices.comtion in the regime is advantageous to the landowner, hunters and also trappers, and wildlife. Cooperating landowners have found that there skeolistravelservices.comce many advantages to enrolling residential or commercial property in the Hunter accessibility Program. In enhancement to enabling the continuation of searching traditions and also heritage, tangible services include:

Discounted Landowner searching License: Cooperating landowners v 80 or an ext contiguous acre qualify for a discounted hunting license.Landowner Antlerless Deer Licenses: Cooperating landowners, v 50 or much more contiguous acres of land in ~ the ar of application, may obtain one antlerless deer license. This licenses are issued by the ar Treasurer in the county in i beg your keolistravelservices.comrdon the property resides. If qualifying acreage is situated within a county with two or an ext wildlife management units, the applicant selects the administration unit that or she desires.Free Tree and Shrub Seedlings: The game Commission might furnish useful tree and shrub seedlings to cooperating landowners that demonstrate an ideal planting sites. Tree and shrub seedlings are available through the video game Commission’s Howard Nursery.Free and Reduced-cost hardwood Products: Cooperating landowners might receive free and reduced- cost wood products from the game Commission’s Howard Nursery. Wood products include sign backer boards and artificial colony boxes, i beg your keolistravelservices.comrdon include species information and also nest crate placement information.Free video game News Subscription: Cooperating landowners get a totally free subscription come the Pennsylvania video game News, the Commission’s monthly magazine around hunting and wildlife in Pennsylvania.Free Habitat technical Assistance and Management: Cooperating landowners might receive cost-free technical assistance and habitat administration plans written by firm biologists. As funding allows, the agency offers totally free habitat advancement and management implementation including, however not restricted to, invasive types management, young forest management, aboriginal grassland establishment, and also healthy woodland management.Law Enforcement: Cooperating landowners obtain keolistravelservices.comtrolling and enforcement of game law through Pennsylvania game Wardens. This keolistravelservices.comtrols mitigate illegal ATV use, littering and also dumping, and also various other game law violations.Liability Protection: Cooperating landowners get liability security through the Recreational use of Land and Water Act. Free Program Signage: Cooperating landowners are required to short article signage identify the residential or commercial property as a cooperator in the Hunter access Program. A couple of of the cost-free program signs are displayed below.