You’ve no doubt heard the expression that we must be part of the solution, not the problem.

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And I’m sure we all agree that would be the best way to work.

The inquiry is…how?

How execute we adjust our attitude so that we are facing the solution fairly than focusing on the problem?

Here room some ideas regarding what us should and also shouldn’t do, so that saying becomes reality:

Communicate plainly and completely

We often think we’ve connected when every we’ve excellent is sound off, or sent out an email, or agreed to a memo.

To be component of the solution, we must be clear, succinct, accurate and complete.

Help world understand the emotions, intentions and also reasons behind your decisions

People will not see the reason behind your ideas if castle don’t appreciate the objective of them.

We have to let world know the deep thinking behind ‘why’ we think we room right.

Keep people associated in tasks all along

Don’t intend them to agree to solutions if they aren’t involved.

You have to keep people aware so they deserve to see your operations out, and what the in its entirety position will certainly be

Show the outcomes that will be achieved if they expropriate your proposal

People space interested in the journey, but only if they know the final destination.

Ensure when you space concentrating ~ above the solution that people can see where did you do it been, whereby you are now and where you space going.

Get world to buy-into your ideas by reflecting the future huge picture

By marketing the large picture, you get world to view why you have gone in the direction girlfriend have and also they’re more likely to accept your proposals.

Be future-focused, not present-vague

If you concentrate on what ‘is’ you i will not ~ get world to view the solutions clearly.

You need to openly comment on the future.

OK, that’s what we have to be doing; how around what us should try to avoid?

Here’s a perform of things that will certainly make you concentrate on the problem….don’t do them!

Be a naysayer

This means looking at every possible option indigenous a an adverse frame the mind and saying ‘that won’t occupational because…’

Even if you space thinking that, you should consider the choice proposed and also analyse what would need to change in order because that it to have actually a possibility of success.

At least you have then given it a chance!

Interfere with others’ ideas or services to do them complement your own

You have never, room never and also will never be the only person with the ideal answer!

Be open minded and allow others to come up with feasible alternatives

Think over there is just one answer to every challenge

You have actually only one philosophy from which come look at an issue.

Remember there are other perspectives the you might not have actually looked in ~ yet.

Become an adverse in your perspective if you don’t view an instant answer

There might not be an evident solution the springs up, however that doesn’t typical that a small bit that incubated reasoning isn’t walking to solve it.

It might take hrs or also days of reasoning it v with her team before you emphasis on one equipment that will work.

Expect to deal with every problem that comes her way

It’s possible that you are facing insurmountable issues that just cannot be resolved in the way you space working through it now.

Concentrate on those points that you can work towards and review for later on those worries causing you enormous obstacles

By concentrating top top being component of the solution, you open up for this reason many methods for friend to be in a optimistic state and also to accessibility decision-making an abilities that wouldn’t be available in a an adverse frame of mind.

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Try the positive principles above, save away indigenous the negative ones and also see what difference it makes.