Players are obtaining stuck into the next Zombies story and also it"s being exceptionally well received.

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Players have already managed to resolve the dice Maschine Easter Egg in under 3 hrs of that going live.

To gain the Easter Egg started you"ll need to build the Pack-A-Punch machine!

How come Pack-A-Punch weapons In dice Maschine

First of all, you"ll need to turn on the power - which girlfriend can find out how to carry out right here!

Once you"ve gained the power up and also running you"ll have to activate the 2 Terminals in the fragment Accelerator room.

These are located on opposite sides to every other and are clearly pointed out as you leave the Power switch room with huge white "Terminal" indicators (if girlfriend have hints on).


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Go approximately both that them and also interact through them.

Once done, head down to the bottom floor that the particle Accelerator room (between the two terminals) and an Anomaly will spawn in.


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Interact v it and also it will certainly teleport you come the Dark Aether.

Once you obtain there, you"ll watch the synopsis of the Pack-A-Punch in prior of you and also you"ll need to find the device parts.

You need to discover an Aether Tunnel, which will certainly be stated to you. You should head ago up and out to the Crash website (back the way you obtained into the strength Room, to start with).

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When you get there you"ll view a glowing violet spot on the floor the you can interact with because that $500.