I'm creating a report based on a inspection of consumers. Rather of always writing percentages I desire to refer to a/one 3rd or a/one fifty percent or a/one 4 minutes 1 of respondents. Have to I usage 'a' or 'one'?Thanks

i would say a 3rd or a halfbut then ns did have actually a infant 8 months ago so my brain doesn't always function properly


One quarter.As in 'one 4 minutes 1 of one percent' as they speak in the fincial reports.A bit clumsy perhaps, however accurate.HTH

I'm in the'one' camp yet my colleage who is proofing the report is in the 'a' camp. My argument is the if it to be 66% it would be described as 2 thirds so because that consistency 33% have to be one third.

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Oh mine god, I have made spelling and also spacing errors in the pedants' corner - a fear I constantly have posting below


It's an alleged to be a professional document but as it is the last task I do prior to going on maternity leave, standards might potentially slip.

Why don't you compose it as a portion instead that in words? then whoever is reading it can comprise their very own mind. But if you need to use indigenous I would certainly go for 'one' quite than 'a'.

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