Happy Holidays All,I am building a wagon for my daughters and they would favor it finished with a pink stain. No surprised there. The only stain i can find that in pink is water based. I would prefer to height coat v an oil based varnish/poly for durability and also preservation indigenous high FL humidity and also UV. It will certainly be kept in the garage once not in use however the sun right here in FL is brutal. I have a pair questions.Do I need to use one oil based varnish/poly?Can I apply the oil based poly on optimal of the water based stain?



Johnny, i would use a water based poly, such together Target"s EM9300. An alternate would be to apply a at sight blonde shellac and also put the oil based poly. Make a sample board since the oil will darken the end up somewhat. Finally, girlfriend might try using the oil end the dye without the shellac, but, again, do a test board. FWIW

-- Art


Can I apply the oil based poly on peak of the water based stain?

Absolutely, as lengthy as the stain is fully dry, you will have no issues. I use water base stain under oil base finishes every one of the time through out problems.

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-- Bondo Gaposis


Just psychic the oil basic will readjust the color tone that the pink, an ext so then most water based polys.

No, my selection would be Target 9300 come prevent shade change. Transtint dye deserve to be added to the 9300 together a tint. Yes, oil end water functions fine, however no OB complete is water clear.

Check the shade effect the the poly end water based stain to be certain its tho what friend want, however you can safely use poly end water based dyes. I’ve done it in many of the furniture I have built and also have never had a problem.

-- Marty O"C

I’ve offered oil based product end water based stain hundreds of times. Simply wait the appropriate time, encourage by the stain company, and also go for it.

That aside, have actually you looked right into dye? It’s MUCH more pink, if you want that.

You will be fine, however the advice over (dyes, the shade shift, etc.) is clues on. You might want come reconsider the oil just since of the color.

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