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The two primary characters in man Steinbeck"s novella Of Mice and also Men are George and Lennie. The two men are almost polar opposites in every way. If Lennie is a giant of a man who is holy spirit challenged, George is a small, spare guy with a fast mind. George...

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The two primary characters in john Steinbeck"s novella Of Mice and also Men are George and Lennie. The two guys are nearly polar opposites in every way. When Lennie is a huge of a male who is mentally challenged, George is a small, spare guy with a rapid mind. George as soon as promised Lennie"s nearest relative, one aunt, the he would take treatment of Lennie; he has actually kept his promise, regardless of the reality that his life would have actually been much less complicated without Lennie. 

Lennie little is an amazing worker, but since he has the mental capabilities that a child, he often gets self (and by expansion George) in trouble. The likes come pet things, like mice, puppies,and soft material, however he is unintentionally as well rough and inadvertently kills things, consisting of a woman.

George Milton, prefer Lennie, is one itinerant ranch hand that is required to move more than he would certainly like since of George. The is the "brains" the the duo and also often acts prefer he does not prefer Lennie; however, the truth is that George might dump Lennie any time however does not.

“I ain"t got no people. I checked out the males that go roughly on the ranches alone. The ain"t no good. They don"t have no fun. After ~ a lengthy time they acquire mean. They acquire wantin" come fight every the time. . . "Course Lennie"s a God cursed nuisance most of the time, but you obtain used come goin" roughly with a guy an" friend can"t eliminate him.”

When Lennie kills Curley"s wife, George knows the Lennie could never survive a trial and prison. Despite he go not desire to carry out it, George performs one last act the kindness for his friend and also kills him.

The one point the two men share is a dream because that something more. Their wants are simple: a little plot of soil on which they have the right to plant a garden and also (for Lennie) raise part rabbits. While George, in ~ least, knows that this dream will more than likely never happen, the maintains hope for both the them.

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These room the primary characters in the novel, however they satisfy several others at the ranch where the story take away place. Some are misfits (like Crooks, Candy, and also Curley"s wife) who affix themselves come George and also Lennie in some way. The ranch owner"s son, Curley, acts prefer he is not one of them, yet he is also a misfit due to the fact that of his very own cowardice. Carlson is oblivious, rough, and also careless about the things that matter. Slim is his opposite, observant and aware, compassionate but realistic.

This actors of characters converges ~ above a ranch for a few days, and most that them are not the very same for having met.