North Carolina is overflowing v wonderful lakes come visit! native the stunning Appalachian mountains to the west, expanding all the means to the Atlantic s on the east, over there is walking to be something for everyone on this list. Fishing and also waterskiing are both popular activities in north Carolina for this reason be certain to load your summer skis and also fishing rod!

Lets have a look in ~ the ideal lakes come visit in phibìc Carolina:

1. Lake Norman


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Lake Norman

Lake Norman is the largest manmade body of fresh water in the state. V either boat accessibility points and plentiful fishing, this lake is an angler’s dream. It likewise boasts 2 yacht clubs for you to store your watercraft at.

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Despite having been created in 1964, the lake has actually attracted a range of species over the years and makes for great bird watching and also animal sightings indigenous the water. Be sure to store you eyes peeled because that anything rustling in the bushes follow me the water’s edge!

Just a rapid drive phibìc of Charlotte, this is a an excellent spot to invest a job or weekend if you room visiting!

2. Jordan Lake


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Jordan Lake

Jordan Lake is conveniently located just west and also south that Raleigh and also Durham respectively. This large reservoir consist of an area of 13,940 acres and also provides a ton that activities. There room over 1,000 campsites along the lake ranging from primitive tent camping to complete RV hookups. There are also seven beaches located along the shores nestled between 17 mile of hiking trails.

Animals are additionally abundant along the water together the lake’s ecology system has exploded in recent years. You can additionally visit the visitant center’s exhibit room to find out a tiny bit more about the wildlife bordering the lake!

3. Lake James


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Lake James

While Lake James enables jetskis, fishing and also camping follow me its shores, the is perhaps better known for being the collection of many blockbuster films. It was supplied as a stand in because that Lake George in new York state because that the film The critical of the Mohicans certification Daniel Day-Lewis. It was likewise featured in The Hunt for Red October in the last scenes of that film.

The lake itself offers plenty of recreational tasks and is located in the hills of western phibìc Carolina. The long walking trails that surround the lake sell spectacular see of the Appalachian Mountains.

4. High rock Lake


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High rock Lake

With a reputation for being one of the ideal fishing lakes in phibìc Carolina, High absent Lake has hosted numerous Bassmaster standard fishing derbies. It is mostly recognized for its variety of largemouth bass.There room a variety of boat ramps follow me the water’s edge, both public and also private. There are no limitations on watercraft motor sizes and an individual watercraft room legal for usage on the lake. Over there are likewise a number of private campgrounds along the water because that you to pitch and also tent in between fishing trips the end on the lake!

5. Lake Glenville


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Lake Glenville

Lake Glenville is simply a brief drive from the city of Sylva in western north Carolina. It makes today’s list due to its location at the top of the highest lakes eastern of the Mississippi river in the joined States.

It is a fairly small lake contrasted to others on the list, yet it still offers an excellent fishing and also boat access with a couple of short long walking trails along the water’s edge.

6. Badin Lake


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Badin Lake

Badin Lake can be little but it package a punch in terms of stunning views. Watching the sunset end this lake is a locate pastime that tourists mustn’t miss either. There room a wide selection of recreational tasks to be had actually on and around the lake. Golf, hiking, camping, and hunting deserve to all be found readily in the area. Fishing and boating are also popular water activities. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, catfish, spotted bass, white bass, and also striped bass deserve to all be found in the lake. Though trout do not exist in the lake, so nothing be disappointed if you don’t catch any kind of of those!

7. Lake Wylie


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Lake Wylie

Located in both North and also South Carolina, Lake Wylie straddles the border and offers 325 mile of shoreline. There are two publicly boat access points and also multiple areas that surround the lake and also offer activities for visitors to indulge in.

There space a number of locations to rental boats, consisting of pontoon watercrafts on and around the lake. Fishing is top quality as room the an excellent times come be had actually here!

8. Nantahala Lake


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Nantahala Lake

Located in the Nantahala National woodland swimming, boating, and also skiing are all renowned lake activities. Nantahala is on the smaller sized side of lakes, despite it is manmade. Originally produced to provide electricity because that wartime efforts, it was completed in 1942. Since the lake was male made and is surrounded by mountains, the lakebed becomes very deep an extremely quickly. Plenty of different species of fish can be discovered here, had panfish.

The Nantahala river just below the river is well-known for its spectacular whitewater rafting and kayaking. When the water is being released native the dam, the flow is taken into consideration “on” and also provides very great whitewater conditions.

9. Lake Mattamuskeet


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Lake Mattamuskeet

Lake Mattamuskeet is the largest organic lake in phibìc Carolina and also is fairly shallow, averaging in between two and also three feet transparent the whole lake. This absence of depth is because of its proximity come the Atlantic Ocean. On the upper and lower reversal side, that proximity to the ocean likewise creates exorbitant birdwatching conditions. The area is known for its huge winter populaces of north Pintail, Green-Wing Teal, Canada geese and tundra swans.

Lake Mattamuskeet is situated within the Mattamuskeet nationwide Wildlife Refuge not much from Greenville and the outer Banks.

10. Lake Fontana


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Lake Fontana

Sandwiched in between the an excellent Smoky hills National Park and the Nantahala national Forest, Lake Fontana. With tons of inlets, coves, and also islands developed by ancient mountains top poking v the calm surface ar waters, over there is a ton to explore with your boat on this lake.

The lake is likewise surrounded through trails top top both the an excellent Smoky mountain side and also the Nantahala National woodland side. Some trailheads deserve to only be got to by boat when the water is high. Other than for a multi-day hike, this is the only location to accessibility the most remote locations of the Smoky mountains National Park. On clean days, the monitoring tower at Clingmans Dome gives an remarkable view of the entire lake from almost a mile above.

11. Belews Lake


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Belews Lake

Belews Lake is located north that Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Boating, fishing and also water skiing space all popular tasks on the lake. Its large surface area allows for top quality water skiing!

There are two marinas ~ above the lake that offer places to eat and also boat rentals, sales, and service. There are additionally many camping spots along the water’s edge, therefore be sure to lug your tent along so you deserve to watch the sunset over the stunning water!

12. Lake Lure


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Lake Lure

Another well-known location for filming blockbuster films, Lake entice is possibly finest known for the popular film Dirty Dancing certification Patrick Swayze and Jennifer grey. The has likewise hosted A each other Apart, Firestarter, My other Americans, and also The critical of the Mohicans.

With many of lodges, inns, resorts, and also campgrounds follow me the lakeshore, there is certain to be some kind of accommodation that fits her needs. Follow me the lakeshore space plenty the quaint communities and tasks for people of all ages. Ziplining, horseback riding, fishing, trails, beaches, and also even a toy museum!

13. Hyco Lake


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Hyco Lake

With 65 campsites along the lakeshore, this is a great place to invest the night. There are additionally two entrance points because that boats, in addition to hiking trails for those less inclined to gain on the water. Wildlife is abundant bordering the lake and fishing is element in the area.

There is a water skiing course located at the north finish of the lake, and it is likewise a good fishing lake.

14. Randleman Lake


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Randleman Lake

Randleman Lake is the newest lake on our list, produced in 2004 and also only opened to recreation in 2010. Since the lake is federally controlled there are numerous rules that apply recreation top top the lake. Fishing and sailing are permitted, though sailboats with key masts over 25 feet are prohibited. Personal watercraft space prohibited and also boats are not permitted overnight. There are additionally restriction ~ above fueling watercrafts in the area. There is also a lake-wide rate limit of 25 mile an hour. No petrol or liquid sustained motors are enabled north that the Highway 62 bridge.

15. Lake Tahoma


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Lake Tahoma

Lake Tahoma is a private lake situated in the hills of Western phibìc Carolina. No speedboats or personal watercraft are allowed on the lake. If you are lucky enough to gain access, the fishing top top the lake is superb.

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Despite the lack of development in the area, over there is a beautiful casino that has been constructed at the end of the a long pier in the center of the lake. Built in the 1920s, the structure is do of stone and wood.