Given below is the flight time from new York, United claims to Los Angeles, unified States. Trip time calculator to calculation time taken to reach Los Angeles from brand-new York by air. The nearest plane to new York is man F Kennedy worldwide Airport (JFK) and the nearest airport come Los Angeles is Los Angeles global Airport (LAX)

Flight time from brand-new York to Los Angeles is 6 hrs 13 minutes

Non-Stop trip duration from JFK come LAX is 6 hrs 13 minutes (Operated by JetBlue Airways)

Non-stop flights take it anywhere in between 6 hrs to 9 hours .

Quickest one-stop trip takes close come 8 hours.

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However, some airlines might take as lengthy as 24 hours based on the stopover destination and also waiting duration.

Non-stop trip time from United says (JFK) come United states (LAX) by various airlines

Most of the flights by major airlines departing from brand-new York arrive at Los Angeles worldwide Airport. Los Angeles is offered by 1 worldwide airports.

JFK ➝ LAX 6 hrs 13 minutes
JetBlue prayer
JFK ➝ LAX 6 hours 20 minutesAmerican airline
JFK ➝ LAX 6 hrs 25 minutes
Delta air Lines
LGA ➝ LAX 8 hours 4 minutes
US airways
LGA ➝ LAX 8 hrs 27 minutesUnited airline

Number the Airports in Los Angeles :1 global Airport variety of Airports in new York :2 international Airport

Distance Between new York, United claims & Los Angeles, United says is 3980 Kilo Meters

Flight time from brand-new York to Los Angeles via Chicago, Il • LGA to LAX via ORD

Flight duration indigenous La Guardia Airport come Los Angeles global Airport via Chicago O"hare worldwide Airport, United states on United Airlines trip is 8 hrs 30 minute

LGA come ORD2 hrs 44 mins ORDWaiting Time1 hr 6 mins ORD to LAX4 hrs 40 mins Total Duration:8 hrs 30 mins

Flight time from brand-new York come Los Angeles via Charlotte • JFK to LAX via CLT

Flight term from man F Kennedy international Airport to Los Angeles global Airport via Charlotte Douglas Airport, United says on American Airlines trip is 8 hours 32 minute

JFK to CLT2 hrs 8 mins CLTWaiting Time51 mins CLT come LAX5 hrs 33 mins Total Duration:8 hrs 32 mins

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Flight time from new York, United states to airports near Los Angeles, united States

Direct flight and one stop flight time from john F Kennedy international Airport, brand-new York to airports nearest to Los Angeles is provided in the table below

JourneyDestination AirportsDurationStops
JFK - SNASanta Ana, CA, john Wayne airplane 8 hrs 44 mins 1 protect against
JFK - BURBurbank, Bob expect Airport 6 hrs 7 mins Non-Stop
JFK - LGBLong Beach, long Beach Municipal airport 5 hrs 54 mins Non-Stop
JFK - SANSan Diego, mountain Diego international Airport 6 hrs 15 mins Non-Stop
JFK - ONTOntario, Ontario worldwide Airport 8 hrs 48 mins 1 avoid

Airlines operating flights between new York and also Los Angeles

New York time is3 hoursahead the Los Angeles

Current time in brand-new York, United claims : Mon, 25 Oct, 2021,New York Timezone: EDT (-04:00)

08:35 am

Current time in Los Angeles, United says :, Mon, 25 Oct, 2021,Los Angeles Timezone: PDT (-07:00)

05:35 am

Flight Time between brand-new York & Los Angeles • JFK - LAX trip Duration

How lengthy is the flight from new York to Los Angeles? What is the New York - Los Angeles trip duration? What is the flying time from brand-new York to Los Angeles? find answer to these questions...

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JFK to LAX flight - new York Airport come Los Angeles Airport flight Route Map

The airports map below shows the place of brand-new York airport & Los Angeles Airport. Understand the flight direction and also New York come Los Angeles trip path

brand-new York - Lat: 40.6444, Long: -73.7827 Los Angeles - Lat: 33.9435, Long: -118.409

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