because of her on-screen success and capability to overcome reality television, Tiffany Pollard has gone on to amass a net worth that $500,000!

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Tiffany Pollard brand-new York
Tiffany Pollard is there is no a doubt among the most iconic television characters to grace the kingdom of truth TV. The star first came come prominence ago in 2006 after showing up on the fight show, "Flavor the Love", v none various other than odor Flav himself. The show, i beg your pardon was intended to uncover Flavor a girl, ended up becoming the stage for Tiffany Pollard. ~ being given the nickname, "New York" by Flav, the star took on the brand-new title and is well-known as both Tiffany and brand-new York.

Luckily because that the star, she obtained an enormous amount the fame, finding it s her the center of her very own reality show a year later, "I Love brand-new York". Since then, Tiffany has appeared in a variety of reality productions native "I Love brand-new York 2", "New York Goes come Hollywood", every the method to she film debut in "First Sunday". Pollard likewise made headlines after appearing in the 17th season the the UK based show, "Celebrity large Brother". With virtually 15 year in the public eye, here is just how much Tiffany "New York" Pollard is precious today.

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how Much Is Tiffany Pollard Worth?

If you space a fan of fact television, then chances are you have heard the name, Tiffany "New York" Pollard, before! The star first came to prominence ago in 2006, once reality tv had very first kicked off, ~ above the hit dating show, "Flavor the Love". Tiffany, who was competing against a variety of women for Flavor Flav"s love, regulated to construct a name and career by simply being herself. Her raw, real, and also hilarious antics space what make Tiffany Pollard the symbol that she is.

after being given the nickname, "New York", by odor Flav himself, Tiffany took the title and made it part of her name, officially walking by both. A year after her go at "Flavor the Love", Tiffany was handled by VH1 because that her an extremely own truth show, "I Love brand-new York". The franchise has actually gone top top to produce a plethora of by-products from "New York Goes come Hollywood", all the method to the show"s second installment, "I Love brand-new York 2". As result of her on-screen success and capability to dominate reality television, Tiffany Pollard has gone on to amass a net worth of $500,000! 

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In addition to her legendary ways, Tiffany has additionally become the meme queen! The star came to be a meme the we have all involved know and also love. With her hands clasped together, sunglasses on, and sitting ~ above a bed, Pollard instantly ended up being an overnight meme, and she is love every 2nd of it. "I love the one. It"s choose everybody has used that or checked out it, but y"all don"t understand what to be on mine mind", Tiffany said. If we definitely don"t, fans have come up through a number of captions to the picture trying to tap ~ above what brand-new York was initially thinking.

from her walk at truth television, coming to be a meme sensation, the was only fitting for Tiffany to be component of "Celebrity big Brother" season 17. The star make headlines as one of the most entertaining actors members to date, who additionally went up versus fellow "BB" legend, Gemma Collins. It"s clear that Tiffany Pollard was made for television, and it doesn"t show up as if she is going anywhere anytime soon.

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