We"re used to see Gibbs as the immovable and dependable rock for the NCIS team. In this episode, though, I believe that honor visited Tony.

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In "Shiva," the team was under good pressure to discover the mastermind to the shoot deaths that Mossad manager Eli David and also NCIS director Vance"s wife, Jackie. The opportunity of a war loomed large, as Eli"s Iranian call - Arash Kazmi - was implicated.

Eventually, they discovered that Eli"s protégé, Mossad Deputy manager Ilan Bodnar, was the murderous traitor behind the deaths. 


He knew about Eli"s arrangement to job-related with Iran and also wanted to kill Eli and take over Mossad when implicating Iran in his death. 

The writers have to be applauded: the story flowed exactly as it must have and there to be a richness and depth to practically every scene.

Gone (for the many part) to be Tony the comedian and in his ar was Tony the rock, which us saw when he gone into the holy place where Ziva to be praying. The didn"t try to manage her, or come up v a solution or a fleeting sentiment:

Tony: call me. What deserve to I do? What perform you need?Ziva: Revenge. | permalink

Even Ducky had his moment this time around. The an initial was in the morgue with Gibbs:

Gibbs: What"s that?Ducky: His liver, riddled with inoperable tumors. It doesn"t show up to have actually been under treatment. I"d have offered him 6 months.Gibbs: make killing self easier.Ducky: Pity does not validate cowardice. | permalink

The 2nd was his solution to the deputy director of Mossad, after being subjected to a snide jab:

Bodnar: and whose grand would girlfriend be?Ducky: Well that depends. Who"s your grandmother? | permalink

I have to admit, i laughed the end loud at that one.


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Gibbs is known for his curtness, especially approximately authority figures, and it was into that dynamic that deputy director Jerome Craig discovered himself, all nervous. Gibbs knows when to traction back, though:

Deputy manager Craig: rest assured. This is one interim assignment. I have no on purpose of acquisition Leon"s job. You and also I---Gibbs: Deputy director Craig. I"ve acquired your back. | permalink

Tony was so tuned right into Ziva"s torment - the didn"t do a wrong relocate at any type of time. And also every choice he made to be dead-on. Bringing her back to his ar to save an eye top top her... Then telling her she essential to speak to get what"s on she mind the end in the open.

I believed he supposed she must talk v him. Instead, he intended she should talk through Shmeil, she Israeli friend, who he found and hosted in his small apartment in addition to Ziva. 

What a stand-up guy. Ns remember a couple of seasons ago, when Gibbs i found it that around him: when the press is off, Tony likes to act up and play. Yet when the pressure"s on, and decisions need to be made, Tony is front and center, strong and dependable. He experienced it long prior to we acquired to see it.

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The scene through Ziva going to the plane and Tony comes to see her off was fraught v emotion. That didn"t have to do that (as Ziva said) but I think the felt the he did. He could not let his friend go without telling her that they to be on the case.

The most important message to she (whispered right into her ear as they hugged) was: "aht lo leh-vahd." i beg your pardon is Hebrew because that "you space not alone."


Some last thoughts:

NCIS Deputy director Craig was played by Greg Germann, who you might remember from ally McBeal.Although Bodnar"s setup fell through, the is still at large. Having actually killed Eli"s Iranian contact, it remains to it is in seen exactly how the NCIS team will encounter that again.The tune at the end of the show, play while the montage scenes of Ziva in Israel and Jackie"s grave site were shown, was "Not Alone" through Patty Griffin, native the album "Living v Ghosts."

I"ve said enough. Few of you guessed, as I did, the Mossad to be behind the killings. Which was close however not specifically true. What space your thoughts?