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Historical and projected energy intake for the United states according to energy source (EIA 2018).

U.S. Coal, oil, organic gas, and also wind energy are focused in the meadow states, enabling them come be network exporters the energy. As energy demand continues to increase, raising pressure will certainly be put on north American meadow systems. The tradeoff in between the need and desire because that energy and also the conservation of lands in ~ the grassland region leads to an overwhelming management choices. In order come avoid and minimize ecological effects from energy production, potential ecological effects and also opportunities to reduce these impacts need to it is in identified and also summarized for land managers. 

This study reviewed and summarized the extent and also ecological results of energy advance and manufacturing in the good Plains grassland mechanism of the united States. It likewise identified opportunities to mitigate these effects during the planning, construction, and also production phases of power development. Continued research on energy advancement effects and also mitigation steps will aid in the advance and review of finest management practices advantageous to grassland health and wellness while offering needed power for the unified States.


Energy development/production can affect the setting in lot of ways. Throughout development, land have the right to be converted, fragmented, or disturbed. During production, the atmosphere, aquatic and also terrestrial resources, and also local neighborhoods can it is in affected.

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Active oil and gas wells (shown in red) and also wind generators (shown in blue) in the good Plains of the United states (black outline).
primary effects throughout energy advancement include small- and also large-scale floor disturbance and also vegetation remove as tiny patches that grasslands are provided to organize oil or gas wells, wind turbine pads, associated roadways, and also pipelines or with the switch of large grassland locations to biofuel croplands. Habitat lose or habitat fragmentation can influence wildlife directly through increased mortality or indirectly with reduction in habitat quantity and quality. During planning, power development, and production impacts can be decreased by carefully considering grassland effects during siting and even by choosing different energy types. During construction, soil and also plant systems results can be reduced by remove weed populaces prior to disturbance, salvaging and stockpiling topsoil for future revegetation, and harvesting aboriginal local seed because that post-site restoration. During production operations, noise and road website traffic reduction plans and atmospheric surveillance will enable more informed mitigation measures. 


Presentation: Energy breakthrough in the good Plains

Ott, Jacqueline P. ; Hanberry, Brice ; Khalil, Mona ; Paschke, mark W. ; valve der Burg, Max post ; Prenni, Anthony J. , 2020
Ecology, Ecosystems, & Environment; pet ecology; Ecology; tree ecology; Soil; Environment and also People; Decision making, publicly involvement; impact of people on environment; society values, ethics; Natural resource Management & Use; Mining & mineral resources, oil & gas