A vertex (vertices for plural) is a suggest at which two or more sides or edges of a geometric number meet.

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Naming conventions because that angles

The peak of an edge is the common endpoint of 2 rays that consist of the angle"s sides.


The vertex because that angle BAC, written ∠BAC, is suggest A. The edge can additionally be called as ∠CAB or by just its vertex, ∠A. As soon as using 3 points to name the angle, constantly put the name of the crest in the middle. So, ∠BAC is no the same angle together ∠ABC or ∠BCA.

Be mindful when specify name an angle the shares a typical vertex with other angles.


∠BAC above cannot be called by only its vertex since angles ∠CAD and ∠BAD both have actually A as their vertex. In this situation each angle should be named by the points on each side consisting of the angle and the angle"s vertex.

Naming conventions for polygons

The endpoints of every side that a polygon are the vertices that the polygon. The vertices are likewise referred to together corners of the polygon.


Points A, B, C, and D space vertices for the rectangle above. Polygons deserve to be called by their vertices as long as castle are noted in continuous order. The rectangle over can be called as ABCD, CBAD, or various other sequences, but not ACDB.

The vertices of a polygon are additionally the vertices the the internal angles of the polygon. The pentagon ABCDE listed below is one example.


Vertices of solids

In hard geometry, a crest is the allude where at least 3 edges meet.


One of the vertices of the five-sided polyhedron (pentahedron) above is shown. Notice that the 3 edges shown meet in ~ the vertex. The pentahedron has actually a complete of 6 vertices.

A square pyramid has actually 5 vertices.


In the pyramid above, A, B, C, D, and also E room the vertices. Point B is the highest suggest in relationship to the basic of the pyramid. This allude is known as the apex that the pyramid.

Circles and also vertices

Circles carry out not have any vertices. The central angle the a one is the angle who vertex is constantly the center of the circle.


For the circle with facility O above, ∠AOB is a central angle because its vertex, O, is likewise the facility of the circle.

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Vertices and also analytic geometry

In analysis geometry, the vertex of the graph that a parabola is the graph"s maximum suggest or minimum point.