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"Miss Susie had actually a steamboat", additionally known together "Hello Operator", "Miss Suzy", "Miss Lucy", and many various other names, is the name of one American schoolyard happiness in which every verse leads as much as a rude indigenous or profanity i beg your pardon is revealed in the following verse as component of an innocuous indigenous or phrase. Originally offered as a jump-rope rhyme, it is now much more often sung alone or as component of a clapping game. Hand indicators sometimes accompany the song, such together pulling ~ above the bell in the very first verse or do a phone call gesture in the second.

This tune is sometimes an unified or perplexed with "Miss Lucy had actually a baby", i m sorry is sung come the exact same tune and likewise served together a jump-rope song. That song arisen from verses of much older (and cruder) song which to be most commonly known as "Bang Bang Rosie" in Britain, "Bang far Lulu" in Appalachia, and "My Lula Gal" in the West. The variants consisting of a woman through an alligator purse urging the baby"s mother to vote have actually been viewed as a recommendation to Susan B. Anthony, one American suffragette and wife, and also may be responsible for the steamboat owner"s most usual name today.


The happiness is i ordered it in quatrains, v an A-B-C-B luck scheme. The happiness is arranged by that meter, a sprung rate in trimeter. Accentual verse (including sprung rhythm) is a common form in English individual verse, consisting of nursery rhymes and jump-rope rhymes. The rhyme ideologies taboo words, only to reduced them off and modify them through an enjambment. That shares lot of the same melody together the 1937 "The Merry-Go-Round broke Down" provided by Warner Bros. Together the design template to your Looney tunes cartoons.

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Numerous version exist, varying throughout time and also regionally. One variation is together follows:

Miss Susie had a steamboat,The steamboat had a bell,Miss Susie saw heaven,The steamboat went to...Hello Operator,Please dial Number 9,And if girlfriend disconnect me,I"ll kick you from...Behind the "frigerator,There lay a piece of glass,Miss Susie satellite upon it,And cut her little...Ask me no more questions,I’ll tell friend no an ext lies,The boys space in the bathroom,Zipping down their...Flies room in the backyard,The bees space in the park,Miss Susie and her boyfriendAre kissing in the D-A-R-KDark, dark, dark


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