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Rocky Mountains, byname the Rockies, mountain selection forming the cordilleran backbone that the an excellent upland mechanism that constrain the western north American continent. Generally, the ranges consisted of in the Rockies big from north Alberta and British Columbia southward to new Mexico, a distance of some 3,000 mile (4,800 km). In places the mechanism is 300 or an ext miles wide. Limits are largely arbitrary, specifically in the far northwest, where mountain systems such as the Brooks variety of Alaska are sometimes included. The Rockies room bordered on the east by the an excellent Plains and on the west by the interior Plateau and also Coast hills of Canada and also the Columbia Plateau and Basin and Range district of the joined States.


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Physical features


The Canadian Rockies encompass the Mackenzie and also Selwyn hills of the Yukon and also Northwest territories (sometimes called the Arctic Rockies) and the arrays of west Alberta and eastern brothers Columbia. The northern Rockies encompass the Lewis and Bitterroot arrays of western Montana and also northeastern Idaho. These ranges formed along the eastern edge that a region of lead carbonate sedimentation some 17 miles (27 km) thick, i m sorry had gathered from the late Precambrian to early on Mesozoic time (i.e., between around 1 billion and also 190 million year ago). This structural depression, well-known as the Rocky mountain Geosyncline, ultimately extended native Alaska come the Gulf that Mexico and also became a constant seaway during the Cretaceous period (about 145 come 66 million years ago). The arrays of the Canadian and also Northern Rockies were created when thick sheets that Paleozoic limestones to be thrust eastward end Mesozoic rocks throughout the mountain-building episode called the Laramide Orogeny (65 to 35 million years ago). Some of these thrust sheets have moved 20 to 30 mile (32 to 48 km) to their present positions. The west margin that the Canadian Rockies and Northern Rockies is marked by the Rocky mountain Trench, a graben (downfaulted, straight, flat-bottomed valley) approximately 3,000 feet (900 metres) deep and several miles large that has actually been glaciated and partially filled with deposits indigenous glacial meltwaters.


Columbia Icefield
Athabasca Glacier, component of the Columbia Icefield, Canada.
Ben W Bell

The middle Rockies incorporate the Bighorn and Wind River varieties in Wyoming, the Wasatch selection of southeastern Idaho and also northern Utah, and the Uinta mountains of northeastern Utah; the Absaroka Range, expanding from northwestern Wyoming right into Montana, serves together a link between the Northern and Middle Rockies. While the enormous deposition the carbonates was developing in the Canadian and also Northern Rockies indigenous the so late Precambrian to the early Mesozoic, a significantly smaller amount of clastic sediments was accumulating in the center Rockies. Mountain building there result from compressional folding and also high-angle faulting, other than for the low-angle thrust-faulting in southwestern Wyoming and southeastern Idaho. The granitic main point of the anticlinal mountains regularly has to be upfaulted, and many arrays are flanked by Paleozoic sedimentary rocks (e.g., shales, siltstones, and also sandstones) that have been eroded right into hogback ridges. This very same mountain-building procedure is emerging today in the Andes mountains of southern America. Many mountain building in the middle Rockies emerged during the Laramide Orogeny, however the mountains of the spectacular Teton range attained their height less than 10 million years back by moving much more than 20,000 vertical feet family member to the floor of Jackson Hole along an east-dipping fault.


Wind river Range
Wind flow Range, west-central Wyoming.

The Bighorn, Wind River, and also Uinta ranges all kind sharp ridge lines that rise above surrounding basins. The Wind River selection supports a huge area of glaciers, consisting of Dinwoody Glacier. This glaciers, however, space retreating relatively rapidly.

Geologic occasions in the middle Rockies strongly influenced the direction of present courses. A special function of the past 10 million years to be the creation of rivers the flowed from basin floors right into canyons throughout adjacent mountains and also onto the nearby plains. This phenomenon resulted from superposition of the streams. The stream courses were initially established in the so late Miocene epoch (about 11.6 to 5.3 million years ago), when the containers were mostly filled by store of Neogene and also Paleogene period (i.e., around 2.6 come 66 million years old) that in your ar extended across lower segment of mountain axes. Throughout the subsequent local excavation that the basin fills—which began around five million year ago—the streams maintained their courses across the mountains and also cut deep, transverse canyons.

The Yellowstone-Absaroka region of northwestern Wyoming is a distinctive subdivision that the middle Rockies. A big magma room beneath the area has actually filled several times and caused the surface to bulge, just to climate empty in a collection of volcano eruptions the basaltic and also rhyolitic lava and also ash. Three such cycles have occurred in the past two million years, the many recent of i beg your pardon occurred about 600,000 year ago. The magma room is at this time filling again, and also the land surface ar in Yellowstone is increasing or tilting a slim amount each year.

The southerly Rockies incorporate the Front variety and the Wet and also Sangre de Cristo hills along the eastern slope and the Park, Gore, and also Sawatch ranges and also the san Juan mountains along the western slope. The eastern and western arrays are be separate by a series of high basins: from phibìc to southern they space North Park, the Arkansas flow valley, and also the san Luis Valley. The southern Rockies prolong northward right into southern Wyoming in 3 prongs: the Laramie and Medicine Bow mountains and the Sierra Madre.

Only around 5,000 feet that sediment gathered during middle Mesozoic time (about 200 come 150 million years ago) in the region now inhabited by the southerly Rockies. Mountain building in these varieties resulted native compressional folding and also high-angle faulting throughout the Laramide Orogeny, as the Mesozoic sedimentary rocks were arched increase over a substantial batholith that crystalline rock. Part 10,000 vertical feet that the sedimentary rocks were climate eroded; otherwise the Front selection would be approximately twice its current height. The southerly Rockies experienced less of the low-angle thrust-faulting that characterizes the Canadian and Northern Rockies and also the western portions of the middle Rockies.

The arrays of the southerly Rockies are higher than those of the middle or north Rockies, with plenty of peaks exceeding elevations of 14,000 feet. Colorado has 53 peaks over this elevation, the highest possible being mountain Elbert in the Sawatch Range, which at 14,433 feet (4,399 metres) is the highest allude in the Rockies. These ranges were greatly eroded by several episodes of glaciation—the many recent ended around 7,500 years ago, and also no active glaciers remain—resulting in spectacular alpine scenery. River valleys have been deepened in the past two million years, very first from the direct activity of glacier ice and also subsequently by glacial meltwaters. Looping, knife-edged moraines take place in many valleys, marking the downslope level of past glaciations.

The physiographic province called the Colorado Plateau in southeastern Utah, southwestern Colorado, north Arizona, and northwestern new Mexico is another high-elevation region of the western joined States, although the lacks the history of folding, faulting, and volcanic activity of surrounding regions. The uplifts in the Colorado Plateau room not as an excellent as those in other places in the Rockies, and also therefore much less erosion has actually occurred; Precambrian rocks have actually been exposed only in the deepest canyons, such together the grand Canyon.

The plateau is in reality a collection of plateaus at various elevations arranged in a stairstep sequence with faulting. The horizontal sedimentary rocks have been dissected by the Green and also Colorado rivers and their tributaries into a network of deep canyons. Few of these canyons room deeply entrenched meanders, such together the dramatic Goosenecks section of the san Juan River close to Mexican Hat, Utah, where erosion through the canyon walls separating opposite political parties of a meandering flow loop has developed a natural bridge.

Canyonlands national Park
The Colorado flow in Canyonlands national Park, Utah.

The grand Canyon that the Colorado river cuts throughout the southern finish of the Kaibab Upwarp in the southern plateau region. The canyon is as much as 6,600 feet (2,000 metres) deep and also exposes a amazing sequence of sedimentary rocks. Weak rock types, such together shale and softer sandstone layers, kind low-sloping benches, while more resistant rock types, such as limestone and harder sandstone layers, consist of cliff-forming units. Since of the alternative sequence of weak and resistant rocks in the canyon walls, a cliff-and-bench topography has developed that is common of much of the Colorado Plateau region. The headward erosion the streams right into the plateau surface ultimately isolates part of the plateau right into mesas, buttes, monuments, and spires. Bedrock that has actually been fractured into series of parallel joints have the right to weather into high absent walls well-known as fins. Succeeding weathering leads to the development of natural arches. The exact same weathering procedures on cliffs can produce niches, which have been exploited by cliff-dwelling native American cultures in the past.

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Four mountain groups—the La Sal, Henry, Abajo, and also Carrizo—are notable. Indigenous a main pipelike intrusion getting to deep into Earth’s crust, magma has actually been injected between layers that sedimentary rock, resulting in the overlying bed to bulge increase in domes about one mile across. These domes are called laccoliths, and also each the these hill massifs is consisted of of a team of laccoliths.