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Ever wonder i m sorry NHL player has actually the many Stanley Cup championship rings? for older pan of the game, the selection may be obvious, for younger pan of the video game maybe not so much. Girlfriend would have to think the the player would need to hail indigenous the winningest franchise in NHL history… and you would be correct. The Montreal Canadiens dominated the original six league and continued winning Stanley Cup championships transparent the beforehand expansion years. In truth the Canadiens space the last Canadian-based team come hoist mr Stanley’s Cup in 1993.


The Stanley Cup is the best trophy in all of sports. To win it as soon as is a major accomplishment, yet to victory it multiple times is part of other special.

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Here is a look in ~ the optimal 25 NHL football player who have actually won the many Stanley cup in NHL background (as that 2021).

Top 25 NHL Players with the many Stanley Cups

Our perform is overcame by members of the good Montreal Canadiens teams from the fifties through the seventies. Yet there room a few greats native the explosive Edmonton Oilers teams of the eighties together well.

The player through the many Stanley Cups? The “Pocket-Rocket” Henri Richard that won an impressive eleven championships with the Montreal Canadiens start in the 1955-56 season through the 1972-73 season.

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RankPlayerTeams# that Stanley Cup WinsFirst Cup WinLast Cup Win
1Henri RichardMontreal Canadiens111955-561972-73
2Jean BeliveauMontreal Canadiens101955-561970-71
3Yvan CournoyerMontreal Canadiens101964-651978-79
4Claude ProvostMontreal Canadiens91955-561968-69
5Maurice RichardMontreal Canadiens81943-441959-60
6Red KellyDetroit Red wing (4)Toronto Maple Leafs (4)81949-501966-67
7Jacques LemaireMontreal Canadiens81967-681978-79
8Serge SavardMontreal Canadiens81967-681978-79
9Jean-Guy TalbotMontreal Canadiens71955-561965-66
10Bernie GeoffrionMontreal Canadiens61952-531959-60
11Doug HarveyMontreal Canadiens61952-531959-60
12Tom JohnsonMontreal Canadiens61952-531959-60
13Dickie MooreMontreal Canadiens61952-531959-60
14Mark MessierEdmonton Oilers (5)New York rangers (1)61983-841993-94
15Glenn AndersonEdmonton Oilers (5)New York ranger (1)61983-841993-94
16Kevin LoweEdmonton Oilers (5)New York rangers (1)61983-841993-94
17Bryan TrottierNew York Islanders (4)Pittsburgh Penguins (2)61979-801991-92
18Larry HillmanDetroit Red wing (1)Toronto Maple Leafs (4)Montreal Canadiens (1)61954-551968-69
19Larry RobinsonMontreal Canadiens61972-731985-86
20Ralph BackstormMontreal Canadiens61958-591968-69
21Dick DuffToronto Maple Leafs (2)Montreal Canadiens (4)61961-621968-69
22Frank MahovolichToronto Maple Leafs (4)Montreal Canadiens (2)61961-621972-73
23Jacques LaperriereMontreal Canadiens61964-651972-73
24Guy LapointeMontreal Canadiens61970-711978-79
25Guy Lafleur*Montreal Canadiens51972-731978-79
*There are plenty of other players that won five Cups

For a complete list of Stanley Cup champions, visit the documents of the NHL at