8 movie That destroyed the Most picture Cars


As the totality of Hollywood has involved learn, a important action-packed movie is incomplete without a fundamental item the depicts speed and lays damage - Cars. A good action movie deserve to be described as different things for various people, but for us, any kind of motion picture that doesn’t function guns, fists and also apparently no fewer 보다 80 mangled photo cars does not make the list. Some movies in this list would easy wreck most of the photo cars in Orlando in your production

Car destruction is now a staple in the Hollywood activity movie society and if some do it moderately, others just do not care what it absorbs expense and stunts to lug the movie to life. A lot of these movies throw caution to the wind and wreck vehicular damages to the extreme. No doubt this damages rate that good, bad and ugly selection of car plays a vast factor in the hefty price tags slated for the manufacturing of most movies.

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Here are top 8 movie that controlled to obliterate the most cars during their shooting.

8. Bullit

The 1968 epic vehicle chase movie that featured Steve McQueen himself ranks in ~ number 10 ~ the movie saw much more than 80 photo cars totaled in the production. McQueen self was behind the wheels when shooting many of the jaw-breaking activity scenes in a movie that witnessed the charger that the bad guy shedding 5 wheel caps over the food of the famous San Francisco hill chase. The vehicle chase featuring the snapshot car Ford Mustang, saw the vehicle reach over 100 mph at plenty of instances throughout filming.

7. Unable to do in Sixty secs (The Original)

The initial Gone in Sixty seconds was released in 1974, and recorded no fewer than 93 destroyed cars. The movie to be produced, directed and acted by HB Halicki who actually drive the Eleanor (1973 Ford Mustang) in the movie’s main chase scene. Even with no an ext than $150,000 in budget, the initial Gone in Sixty secs made over $40 million in package office worldwide.

Although the 93 dare wrecked also included some accidental damages, we believe it just showed the originality of the movie and also further boosted the popular of the Mustang as a photo car. A well-known shot that the film that still attributes in the movie is once Halicki drive a auto at 100mph, and ended up in the hospital after the collided through a lamp post.

6. Blues brothers (1980, 2000)

The Blues brother movie the 1980 taped an epic 104 cars damaged throughout its making. As at 1980, Blues Brothers organized the accolade because that the many smashed photo cars after ~ purchasing 60 police cars v reinforced engines for most of the chase scenes.

Each vehicle came in at $400, and outfitted through extra chassis, but that didn’t seem to matter in the end as most of the tides to be unsalvageable in ~ the finish of the movie. In the year 2000, a sequel movie to be shot and also the producer intentionally added one extra automobile to the budget to ensure that the new Blues brothers movie declared 105 car in that making.


The GI JOE movie the 2009, the rise of the Cobra will be remembered for a many things i beg your pardon majorly encompass a non-existent plot and an as whole sub-par movie. In a doper activity movie, totaling a record number of 112 cars, i m sorry is 8 much more than the Blues brother achieved, would have seen GI JOE be an epic extremely rated movie, however unfortunately, the ropey dialogue and forgivable screenplay was simply as unsalvageable as the 112 cars that met your ends at the time the movie had been completely produced. I guess no matter the variety of picture cars, a bad activity film will just be bad.

4. A an excellent Day come Die tough (Die hard 5)

The original Die difficult movie to be an action-packed mouth-watering movie i beg your pardon we think didn’t require a sequel let alone 4. Yet after 25 years, A an excellent day to die hard, (shot in 2013) was released and while most may agree that the movie didn’t struggle the thrill that the original Die tough movie, the movie did come with a bang or....a crash. “A an excellent Day to die Hard” totaled nothing less than 132 cars in the making, a number the trumps all the variety of damaged car in the very first 4 prequels. The virtually $10 million movie also saw 518 snapshot cars badly damaged in that production.

3. Fast and Furious 5

The Fast and Furious franchise has set the typical for what a car-based activity movie series should look like with exhilarating, pulsing and also heart-pumping automobile stunts and actions the leave viewers mouth agape. In fact, when it come to activity movies that attributes cars, there is maybe a much better franchise. The movie itself functions an epic police chase scene the sees the peril of 260 snapshot cars.

Even Fast and also Furious 6 featured end 400 photo cars through only couple of living to check out the light of day, and the whole franchise itself has actually wrecked over 1000 cars due to the fact that the make of the an initial movie – A groundbreaking statistic that puts the average automobile damage every minute ratio to about one every 60 seconds, i m sorry is no surprising once you control to placed Vin Diesel, Ludacris and also the remainder of formation in any movie.

2. The matrix Reloaded

Matrix score height marks for virtually everything. The movie is well-written and well-acted with numerous of the basic trappings the a an excellent action movie. The matrix Reloaded had actually it all, Bullets, guns and cars. The movie to be aided by the donation that 300 dare by GMC, who plainly didn’t mind what that is brand would look like, and also the producers of the movie wasted no time in converting all 300 photo cars come rubbles and also write-offs.

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1. Transformers 3

Transformers 3 to be shot in 2011, and holds the laurel for the highest number of damaged cars in ~ 532. While most cars donated by Michael Bay, were flood damaged and currently destined for the scrap heap, the producers of Transformers 3 made decision to make it precious the screenplay and obliterated castle all. Flood damaged or not, 532 cars is a whole lot.