Morphine is a solid opioid the is illegal to obtain without a doctor’s prescription. The price of morphine top top the street varies relying on dosage, location, and accessible supply.

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Used together the typical standard because that potency when comparing opioids, morphine is obtainable for legal consumption by prescription only.

However, some world buy opioids which space diverted for abuse and also resold top top the street.

The common cost that a morphine pill averages approximately $0.52/mg in the US.

This average cost will count on plenty of factors however is typically dependent ~ above local ease of access and demand.

Learn an ext about the expense of prescription drugs on the street

How lot Does A tablet computer Of Morphine price On The Street?

There space two main tablet sizes because that morphine in the us – 15 mg and 30 mg.

The price of a tablet computer of morphine will expense anywhere in between $5 and also $30 dollars per pill — relying on strength and number purchased.

However, it is not unusual for this cost to be much higher.

Cost the Morphine through Dosage

Extended-release morphine (MS Contin/ morphine ER) come in doses ranging from 15 mg to 200 mg. Price varieties for extended-release pills are extremely variable.

For normal release morphine, the price for a solitary dose averaged at $.52/mg is:

15 mg — $7.80 every pill30 mg — $15.60 per pill

These prices are simply averages, though. Some world may salary upwards that $40 per 30-mg pill if they are scarce or if the illegal medicine dealer decides come price morphine at this rate.

Cost that Morphine on The Street Vs. Pharmacy Prices

Because the is illegal to acquisition morphine there is no a prescription, the street prices will be much greater than pharmacy prices. This is the instance for practically every prescription medication.

Average morphine prices at the pharmacy will count on the variety of pills purchased and the strength of morphine.

Regional price differences and also insurance coverage will also influence the final drug cost.

Pharmacy Morphine Cost

For 30 15-mg morphine pills, the expense will be in between $10 and also $20 — back most alternatives are about $10 because that 30 pills.

The average cost of morphine every mg (for 15-mg pills) at the pharmacy is around:

$.02/mg to $0.04/mg$0.30 to $0.60 every 15 mg pill

Street Morphine Cost

Compared come the pharmacy expense of morphine pills, the street cost of morphine pills is astronomical.

The street price of morphine is between 12.5 to 25 time the cost of prescribed pills.

In part cases, the highest cost of 30 15-mg morphine pills purchased in ~ the pharmacy may be much less than the street price of a solitary 15 mg morphine pill.

Getting aid For Morphine Abuse

Opioid addiction entailing morphine or various other drugs have the right to be both expensive and also life-altering. If girlfriend or a loved one is dependence on addictive drugs like morphine, climate rehab have the right to help.

We’re here to assist you gain better. Call now to learn more about finding an opioid detox and addiction treatment center near you.

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