Mobile suit Gundam F91 (movie) Item code : MA5155 amount : 1 dialogue : Japanese/English subtitle : Chinese/English an ar : every Region, free Code Disc form : DVD9 display screen : 4:3 Audio : Ac3 2.0 / 5.1 Channel Series type : Movie mechanism : NTSC episodes : 1 running Time : around 118 mins//Synopsis: different title: Gundam F91Kidou Senshi Gundam F91 (Japanese)Mobile fit Gundam Formula 91Age rating: Older youngsters (May save on computer mild negative language, bloodless violence)Genres: Drama, Mecha, Military, scientific research Fiction, ShounenDirector: Yoshiyuki TominoScript: Tsunehisa Ito , Yoshiyuki TominoStoryboard: Yoshiyuki TominoMusic: Satoshi KadokuraOriginal creator: Hajime Yatate , Yoshiyuki TominoOriginal Manga: Hiroshi YasudaCharacter Design: Yoshikazu YasuhikoArt director: Shigemi IkedaAnimation director: Shukou Murase , Takeo Kitahara , Toshimitsu KobayashiMechanical design: Kunio OkawaraDirector that Photography: Atsushi OkuiPlot Summary: U.C. 0123 - thirty year of peace across Earth and the room colonies is wrong by the introduction of a new faction referred to as the Crossbones Vanguard. The weak earth Federation is recorded off-guard by the attacks due to your complacency. As a result, the Crossbones Vanguard dominate the Frontier IV colony virtually immediately. Recorded in the crossfire is college student Seabook Arno, who sees many of his friend killed throughout the skirmish and also discovers the his girl friend Cecily Fairchild is in reality Berah Ronah - heir come the Ronah family members clan and also the Crossones Vanguard. He then finds out that his mom is alive and also has been working on a brand-new mobile suit codenamed "Gundam Formula-91". Seabook reluctantly pilots the Gundam at first, but slowly discovers the Newtype abilities in ~ him and also uses them and also the Gundam to rotate the birds of the war.

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