San Diego Highlights

There room plenty of interesting places to uncover in this part of California, and also going come the beach is one of them. Over there are plenty of beautiful beaches to pick from, including the Coronado Beach, Pacific Beach, ocean Beach and also Mission Beach. Go paddle boarding, surfing, scuba diving or simply bask in the sunlight – you i will not ~ be disappointed.Visitors and also locals flock to La Jolla Cove to witness the awe-inspiring sunset top top the ocean. In addition, you"ll get amazing see of san Diego if you drive to the optimal of Mt. Soledad in La Jolla. Breathtaking see of east County areas in the city also await tourist at the optimal of Mt. Helix.Head to Old Town and watch the living tradition of mountain Diego history. Feel totally free to stroll through historical buildings, blacksmith shops, consisting of the earliest schoolhouse in mountain Diego, and also more.

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Day 2: Stroll follow me Avenida Revolucion in Tijuana


Tijuana Highlights

Just past the border and also only 20 minute from san Diego, the city the Tijuana Mexico is often dubbed the "gateway to the tourist corridor that Baja California." With an ext than 40 million border crossings each year, Tijuana is known as one of many visited cities in the world. Optimal attractions include the Tijuana social Centre, Tijuana Wax Museum, El Popo, and also Avenida Revolucion.There are plenty of breweries, markets, boutiques, and also street seller booths to explore in the city. After protecting against in Tijuana, travelers likewise make the a point to prevent at Rosarito Beach, a favourite oceanside getaway for Americans and also Mexicans alike.Just fifty percent an hour drive from Tijuana, a visit to Rosarito is a must. Head southern of Rosario in Puerto Nuevo to with the famed "Lobster Village," recognized for the delicious and also tasty crustaceans.

Day 3: Savor some Mexican food in Mexicali


Mexicali Highlights

Also known as Chilicali, Mexicali is the capital of the state that Baja California and also can it is in found throughout the border indigenous Calexico in California. That proximity come the U.S. Has made the city a famous tourist location with Americans. It also serves together a gateway for travelers who space heading southern to mountain Felipe or also over to mainland Mexico. Driving time indigenous Tijuana to Mexicali will take an hour and also a half.Visit the Asadero Acatlan de Juarez because that the best tacos and also sincronizada (tortilla-based sandwich). Mexicali"s Chinatown or "La Chinesca" must not be missed. That is no an enig that mexicans love and also enjoy their beer, and that is specifically true in Mexicali. Make certain to salary a visit come Cerveza Cucapá, and also to the well known Cerveceria Mexicali.The Teatro del Estado is another must-see in Mexicali. The teatro, or theatre, which can accommodate 1,100 seats, hosts numerous productions, both theatrical and also musical, throughout the whole year.

Day 4: Visit Cerro de la Campana on your trip to Hermosillo


Hermosillo Highlights

The take trip time between Hermosillo and Mexicali is six hours and 11 minutes. Regardless of its location, Hermosillo has come to be a significant tourist destination in the phibìc of Mexico. The vivid city, which can be uncovered centrally in the northwestern state the Sonora, has a rich history and marvelous colonial buildings.The city resources is home to a majestic cathedral, and several wonderful museums and also galleries. Check out the Museo Musas, a Sonoran art museum that has regularly rotating arts exhibitions, or you can additionally visit the indigenous art in ~ Casa Hoeffer.The city is within basic reach that spectacular beaches, which are just an hour far by car. The course, friend absolutely can’t visit Hermosillo without taking a expedition to the Cerro de la Campana and also admiring a Sonoran sunset.

Day 5: enjoy fishing in Topolobampo, Sinaloa


Sinaloa Highlights

The room several exceptional sites and fun points to execute in Sinaloa. Travel time from Hermosillo come Sinaloa by auto is 8 hours and 37 minutes via Mexico 15 S. Top attractions incorporate Our Lady the the Rosary the Culiacan Cathedral, Science facility of Sinalo, Guadalupe Sanctuary, and also Sinaloa arts Museum.Topolobampo Bay, which has picturesque landscapes, is a well-known seaport situated in the Californian Gulf in northwestern Sinaloa. Topolobampo and its surroundings are several of the favorite tourist fishing spots. Over there are many restaurants providing authentic delicacies with fresh seafood - something you need to try.Maviri is one of the many magnificent beaches in the state that Sinaloa, and also is just a 15-minute journey via Los Mochis - Topolobampo/SIN 1-22/SIN. Mazatlan, a beach town in the state of Sinaloa, is another must-see.

Day 6: Sip tequila prefer a mexican in Jalisco


Guadalajara Highlights

The travel time by vehicle between Sinaloa and also Guadalajara is nine hours and 17 minutes via México 15D. Guadalajara is a peak tourist location in Jalisco, a state in western Mexico well known for its spectacular beaches and seaside town the Puerto Vallarta.Did you recognize that Jalisco is the birthplace the tequila? If so, then heading to Guadalajara there is no spending a day in Tequila is unforgivable. Cantaritos (tequila and a mixture that fruit juices) is a must shot while overlooking the small central plaza.The historic center in Guadalajara is well worth an afternoon visit. Flanked by four aesthetic plazas, the Centro Histórico is really worth her time. You have the right to relax in La Rotonda de Los Jalicienses Ilustres, shop at mountain Juan, dance in El Sonidero and have part fun with a few shots that tequila in ~ Chupitería La Favorita.

Day 7: experience the peak of Torre Latinoamericana


Mexico City Highlights

The travel time in between Guadalajara and Mexico City is 7 hours and 7 minutes via México 15D. Take the trip down to Coyoacan to discover the arts of the well known Frida Kahlo, likewise known together the Blue House. The modern-day Museo Suomaya is an additional must-see. That is likewise the most visited museum in Mexico City. Other noteworthy attractions in the city encompass Parque Mexico, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Coyoacán, Monumento a la Revolución, Cineteca Nacional, Pirámides de Teotihuacán, Xochimilco and the Trajineras.The Torre Latinoamericana is among the many important and recognizable landmarks in Mexico City. Tourists can go to the peak of the virtually 600-foot tower and simply excellent the sprawling metropolis indigenous above.If you desire a rest from the city life, don"t miss out top top Chapultepec Park, also called the "Bosque de Chapultepec." The park is just one of the largest parks in Latin Americana, extending over 1,600 acres - double that of central Park in new York. You deserve to visit a museum, ride a roller coaster, relax in ~ the lake, discover the market and even visit the giant pandas if in the park.

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Map of mountain Diego to Mexico itinerary

Do you know that you can download this map directly to her phone? press the box symbol located on the top-right edge of this map to open up in your Google Maps app. Now you have the right to easily accessibility this map ~ above your next road trip adventure from mountain Diego come Mexico.