Buying in Mexican sizes is most likely the most difficult among every the apparel size available. It’s very different from us sizes, but also not fairly the very same as europe or the UK sizing.

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People buying mexico sizes often found clothes not rather the right fit. Shirts and also tops, because that example, are either too quick but too large compared to its Western equivalent sizing standards.

In Mexico, sizes, in general, are smaller sized than united state or European size which way that finding part very huge sizes in the united state or UK may be difficult. Mexican shoe Sizes room here.

Mexican garments Sizes because that Men


Mexican clothing for men relying on the brand and also style have actually sizing typical almost comparable to the united state sizing, specifically for international retailers.

For men in general, the shirt sizes have tags mirroring ECH, CH, M, G, eg or EEG i m sorry literally equates to the united state XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and also XXL. In numbers, mexican men’s clothing sizes could additionally be labeled together 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 and also 46.

Mexican clothes Size graph – Men

Mexican SizeUS SizeBustWaist
Extra Chica/36XS34.25 inch (87 cm)30 customs (76 cm)
Chica/38S37.5” (95 cm)31.5” (80 cm)
Mediana/40M39.75” (101 cm)33” (84 cm)
Grande/42L42” (107 cm)35.5” (90 cm)
Extra Grande/44XL44.5” (113 cm)37.75” (96 cm)
2X Grande/46XXL46” (117 cm)39.5” (100 cm)
3X Grande/48XXXL48.5” (123 cm)41” (104 cm)

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Mexican clothes Sizes because that Women


Mexican garments for women, uneven men’s sizes, have an extremely different sizing compared to us standards. Different brands could lug different size but more often 보다 not, the mexico sizes because that women’s garments are not everywhere the very same as the American sizes. Women’s sizes start with a 26, 28, 30, 32 and also run through 48. This sizing is the identical of the US dimension 2, 4, 6, 8 until 24.

Remember: In mexican sizes, anything above a united state 12 is thought about to it is in an extra large size (talla extra).

Mexican clothing Size graph – Women

Mexican SizeUS SizeBustWaist
26228” (71 cm)22” (56 cm)
28430” (76 cm)24” (61 cm)
30632” (81 cm)26” (66 cm)
32834” (86 cm)28” (71 cm)
341036” (91 cm)30” (76 cm)
361238” (97 cm)32” (81 cm)
381440” (102 cm)34” (86 cm)
401642” (107 cm)36” (91 cm)
421844” (112 cm)38” (96 cm)
442046” (117 cm)40” (101 cm)
462248” (122 cm)42” (106 cm)
482450” (127 cm)44” (111 cm)


Mexican clothing Sizes because that Children


Mexican apparel sizes are usually labeled based upon the child’s age. Size of tops, shirts, and sweater are typically from S-XL with age equivalent for the bottom measuring from 4-16 because that the pants, sweats, and also shorts. Dresses for the girl are likewise sized follow to the the age, which generally starts in ~ a Mexico 6-14.

Mexican clothes Size chart – Children

Mexican SizeUS SizeBustWaist
3-4420 customs (51 cm)14” (36 cm)
4-5521.25” (54 cm)15” (38 cm)
5-6622.5” (57 cm)16” (40 cm)
7-8723.5” (60 cm)16.5” (42 cm)
8-10825” (63 cm)17.5” (44 cm)
10-121026” (66 cm)18” (46 cm)
10-121227” (69 cm)19” (48 cm)
14-161428” (72 cm)20” (50 cm)

Understanding mexican Sizes


Mexican size are various than one of two people the US, european or the UK sizes. The nation got its own sizing standard after plenty of international retailers in the country complained of high return rate in apparel and noticed just how Mexicans seem to not discover the ideal fit of clothes or also shoes for them as result of the distinctions in physics proportions of Mexicans with body varieties used for other internationally-recognized sizing standards and also brands.

In average, mexico males in their 18 to 25s is claimed to weigh 170.41 pounds (77.30 kilograms) and have a 5’5 inch (1.67 meters) in height. Typical Mexican females in the age selection typically weigh 138 pounds (62.9 kg) and are 5’2 customs (1.60 meters) tall.

Mexican clothes sizing for ladies usually begin with a 26, 28, 30, 32 … till 48, i m sorry in us sizes translates to a united state 2, 4, 6, 8 … until 24. For men, mexican sizes, in general, starts v a 36, 38, 40, 42 until 46, or periodically the tags space ECH, CH, M, G, eg or EEG i m sorry in the us is a size beginning with one XXS to XL.

For children, mexico sizes room labeled generally based on age. Shirt or tops have a sizing typical from S-XL and also bottoms space labeled native 4-16. Rather of human body measurements, the sizes for youngsters in Mexico are based upon age.

Remember: over there is no one typical of sizing offered in Mexico. Depending upon the brand of apparel or shoes, mexico sizes could have one of two people their very own sizing standards or use the US, UK or europe standards.

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Tips in purchase Mexico sizes

Mexican sizing in both clothes and shoes are various from sizing standards used in the US, UK and also Euro areas due to distinctions in physical proportions. Mexicans on median are much shorter and plumper than either americans or Europeans. Expect that size ease of access may be a problem for very big sizes both in clothes and shoes.Mexican clothing for men usually have sizing standard nearly the very same as the sizing technique used in the us for men. This varies however depending on the brand and style.For children’s mexico sizes, remember the sizing is generally based on age instead of body measurements.Mexican shoes sizes because that men, women, and also children usually stand for the foot size in centimeters.Shoe sizes in Mexico follow the very same sizing conventional as Japan, where shoe size are based on the centimeter foot length.There is nobody perfect conversion because that Mexican sizes because every manufacturer could be making use of a various sizing depending upon the brand. While we administer a overview for recognize the best size for her child, that is still ideal to physically to the right the items prior to buying or asking the store for the dimension measurement the they’re making use of for easy converting.