Metaphors can be uncovered throughout Romeo and Juliet and also are frequently used come express too much emotions choose love, anticipation, or grief. In plot 1, step 5, Romeo metaphorically to compare Juliet’s hand come a shrine, a holy place. Later, as soon as Juliet is wait for Romeo to concerned their marital relationship bed, she metaphorically to compare “night” to “a sober-suited matron” (3.2). In ~ the finish of the play, lord Capulet says, “Death is my heir” (4.5), metaphorically likening his offspring and also legacy to death itself.

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Shakespeare is a wordsmith for the ages. He is the master of figurative language—metaphors included. Metaphors frequently get perplexed with similes. Remember that smilies compare two seemingly unlike things or ideas with the words "like" or "as." A an allegory makes a to compare without using these words. One example of a...

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Shakespeare is a wordsmith because that the ages. He is the master of figurative language—metaphors included. Metaphors frequently get puzzled with similes. Remember the smilies compare 2 seemingly unlike things or ideas with the native "like" or "as." A metaphor makes a comparison without using these words. One instance of a an allegory is once Juliet waits because that Romeo to pertained to her ~ above the wedding night. She compares the darkness of night to a woman:

"Come, polite night,Thou sober-suited matron, every in black" (III.ii.11-12).

As displayed above, the night is a mrs dressed in black. Again, notification that she doesn"t say that the night is like anyone; rather, she calls it a "sober-suited matron." Thus, this is an example of a metaphor, not a simile.

Another possible example that a an allegory in Romeo and Juliet can be once Lord Capulet tells the Friar that his daughter is dead. This heat is mainly personification—a kind of metaphor that gives human attributes to something no human. Capulet personifies fatality by assigning human being roles to it:

"Death is my son-in-law, fatality is mine heir" (IV.v.40).

As shown above, lord Capulet watch Juliet"s death as the future the he has actually lost. Because that example, he will certainly not have actually Paris as a son-in-law, and also he will certainly not have actually a grandson due to the fact that death has taken their places.


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william Shakespeare"s tragedy Romeo and also Juliet is fraught v metaphors! A an allegory is a type of figurative language which applies non-literal explanation in order to draw comparisons in between two otherwise unrelated things. We see many metaphors in the first few acts that the play together Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love. One can argue that the usage of this sort of language is more artful, an ext poetic, and also heightens the emotional and dramatic comb of the dialogue. 

In plot One, step Five, Romeo has crashed the Capulet family"s celebration. It is here that he an initial sees the lovely Juliet and remarks:

...It appears she hangs top top the cheek of night

Like a wealthy jewel in an Ethiope"s ear..."

Romeo offers this an allegory to compare Juliet"s illustration to the of beautiful jewelry, rendering her together exotic and also mysterious through his recommendation to Africa.

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When Romeo and also Juliet ultimately do accomplish later in this exact same scene, Romeo proclaims:

If i profane with my unworthiest hand

This divine shrine, the tenderness is this:

My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand

To smooth that turbulent touch with a tender kiss.

Again, Romeo uses metaphor to compare Juliet"s hand come a holy place (implying that poignant her is a spiritual experience) and to determine his lips a"pilgrims" (a word which describes a human who travel to a sacred location). The impression the this pipeline us through is the Romeo and also Juliet"s connection is almost spiritual or a matter of destiny.