Born Richard Starkey in Liverpool, England, top top July 7, 1940, he would take ~ above his stage name Ringo Starr in his so late teens. His musical career has incorporated eight decades, but he is remembered ideal for his time with the legend rock group.

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Starr no the initial Beatles drummer. He played with a couple of bands in the late 1950s and also early 1960s before replacing Pete best in 1962. One year later, The Beatles, consisted of of Starr, man Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, take it the civilization by storm with numerous chart-topping hits.

While Starr was mainly the drummer for the band’s songs, he helped write several renowned tunes, including “Octopus’ Garden” and also “Don’t pass Me By.” He additionally sang lead vocals top top some famous Beatles songs, consisting of “Yellow Submarine” and also “With A little Help From my Friends.”

When The Beatles broke up in 1970, Starr would go on to have actually a an extremely successful career together a solo musician. His self-titled 1973 album “Ringo” to be certified platinum, and the lead solitary “Photograph” reached the peak of the Billboard hot 100. A cover of “You’re Sixteen” additionally reached the top of the charts.

He would also kind the live touring supergroup Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, which has featured countless legendary rock musicians because its formation in 1989. Starr is a two-time inductee of the Rock and Roll room of Fame because that his occupational with The Beatles and as a solo artist.

His many recent solo album “What’s mine Name” to be released in 2019. That still proactively performs, back he had actually to cancel days in 2020 due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For his 80th birthday, Starr will certainly broadcast a power to benefit several charitable causes. Number of musicians will certainly be featured on the display including Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh and also Willie Nelson.

“As everyone knows ns love gathering through fans for peace and love on my birthday. But this year, I desire everyone to be safe at home - for this reason I dubbed up a couple of friends and we placed this big Birthday show together for this reason we can still celebrate mine birthday with you all, through some an excellent music for some an excellent charities,” Starr said.

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Starr is among two Beatles tho alive, and also he is the oldest of The Fab Four. McCartney is 78 years old.

Happy birthday teacher RICHARD alias RINGO. Have a good day my lengthy time buddy! - Paul

— Paul McCartney (
PaulMcCartney) July 7, 2020
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