Red roses are one of the most widely cultivated flowers in the world. According to the fossil record, we deserve to trace the background of the rose back 35 million years. Most types we recognize today originated in Asia, as about 5,000 years earlier garden growing of roses began in China. The blooms and seeds were climate traded all over the world. Transparent the century they have actually been part of mythology, medicine, and even war.

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The background Behind the Flower

In west culture, the significance of the red rose dates ago to Greek mythology and the belief that the red rose was produced by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Legend has actually it the the flower thrived from the floor watered with Aphrodite’s tears and the blood of her ill-fated lover Adonis.

Moving onto roman mythology, the creation of red roses have been linked to Venus, the Goddess of Love. As Venus was running to warn her lover, Adonis, about a murder plot versus him, she reduced her ankles as soon as she ran v a thorn bush. She blood climate turned into blooming red roses wherever it touched.


In Christianity, the red rose ended up being the prize of the Virgin Mary dating back to the 3rd century AD. At the time, Saint Ambrose thought the Garden the Eden was complete of thornless roses, which acquired their thorns ~ the fall and also symbolized original Sin. Because of this, the Virgin mar is frequently referred to together the “rose there is no thorns.”

Further down the line, during the victorian Era, red roses were commonly used to send message of love due to romantic gestures and shows the affection being usually banned. Then, as soon as Shakespeare required to fame, this became a poetic standard and everyone knew the red climbed as the price of love.


The meaning of Red Roses

Red roses have caught the minds and also hearts the lovers across the globe for generations. Providing a single stem or bunch that red roses on your anniversary, an initial date, Valentine’s Day, or just due to the fact that is the perfect method to say, “I love you” as soon as words room not enough. They bring the an interpretation of passion, true love, romance, and desire.

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Red roses from

When provided in a wedding bouquet, red roses room a token of appreciation and true respect. A dark red rose can convey the post that girlfriend are ready for commitment and represents passion. Red rosebuds can symbolize purity and also loveliness along with romantic love. And also presenting your love v a maintained red rose can symbolize your wish to keep the love and passion girlfriend share. If the symbolism of flower isn’t always consistent because their definitions are topic to adjust over time, the red rose is among the few with a lasting and also universal meaning: Love.


Symbolism in Numbers

As well as the different colors the roses all have actually their own meaning (which you can read around in our short article The various Colors the Roses and Their Meaning), the different numbers the roses all represent a different facet that love. Here’s a quick overview:

One Rose – Love at very first sight, or if in a long-term relationship ‘you room still the just one’

Two Roses – mutual love and affection

Six Roses – Infatuation and also the need to be yours

Ten Roses – their love is perfection

Eleven Roses – True and also deep love that is treasured

Twelve Roses – A classic gift that says ‘be mine’

Fifteen Roses – one apology because that a loved one

Twenty-Four Roses – plainly state the ‘I’m yours’

Thirty-Six Roses – Head over heels in love

Fifty Roses – A love that has no bounds

Now that you know the background of red roses and the various kind of love it represents, why not gift some to someone you love?