Eric Lynn Wright, far better known by his rapper surname Eazy-E to be born on September 7, 1964. He was an American West coast rapper who virtually developed the genre of ‘gangster rap.’ The underground rapper, along with other contemporaries favor Ice-Cube, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, and also MC Ren, to be members that the rapper team N.W.A which has had its affect to increase the popular of rap music in the united States much more than anyone else.

Having to be the major influence on the gangsta rap themes that would certainly later overcome the advertisement hip-hop market, the group came to be known for extremely violent and also misogynistic lyrical content, with much of that is sales fueled by adolescent masculine listeners that were empowered to objectify women and also practice violence. 

Easy-E was a rapper that has had a major influence ~ above the American Hip-Hop scene, although now we hear to artists choose Drake and significant Lazer, it was the N.W.A that diversified the laboratory genre, and also true hip-hop pan from the 80s and the 90s claim that lab music this day is nothing favor what was claimed to be, or was, back in the day. 

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Together, the N.W.A exit their very first album, “Straight Outta Crompton,” which is concerned as a milestone success in the history of laboratory music and also still considered by many to it is in the greatest ever. 

Apart from having actually a significant legacy in the music industry, Easy-E also has left behind a legacy in his life the most world will find shocking. 

The underground rapper fathered 11 kids in his lifetime, with much more than eight women. 

Out of every the ladies he had actually relations with, he only married one, Tomica Woods. Straightforward met Tomica at a Los Angeles nightclub in 1991, and also they gained married 4 years later on in 1995, only twelve days prior to his death. However they to be in a completely functional partnership the whole period. In the four years of your relationship, the couple gave bear to a son, Dominick, and a daughter called Daijah, who was born six months after Easy-E had actually died. 

On February 24, 1995, straightforward was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles complying with a violent cough. Top top examination and also tests, he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The publicly announced his wellness condition virtually a month later. Back likely, easy contracted the virus native a sexual partner, his children, and many in the gangster rap scene have discussed that Marion “Suge” Knight to be the one who injected him through a virus-infected syringe following their dispute about royalties and profit shares from the N.W.A. Earnings. Only a month ~ his diagnosis, on march 26, 1995, Eazy-E passed away from AIDS-induced pneumonia. He was 30. 

In interviews, his children have reported the the rapper would certainly often lug them to his concerts. Lil’ E, the rapper’s earliest son, remembers watching his father perform with the team N.W.A. From backstage. In 1989, he remembres standing beside Janet Jackson together the team performed in Los Angeles.

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Here is a considerable list of every the eleven kids he fathered in his lifetime and their whereabouts today.

Eric Darnell wright (Lil Easy-E)

Eric Wright, Jr., known by his phase names Lil Eazy-E and Lil Eazy, is one American musician and also HIV activist. Born ~ above April 23, 1984, the is the oldest child of deceased rapper Easy-E. He complied with in his father’s footsteps and also gave his time come the gangster laboratory genre. He is CEO the NWA Entertainment, a music production firm he partners through his brother, Derrek Wright. He also manages Compton MoneyGang, a musical participation with his brother Derrek and members of his family. He to be born and raised in the same Compton, California residence his father thrived up in.

Lil Eazy-E Image source Rolling Stone

Erin Bria Wright

Erin Bria Wright, or EB Wright, is the daughter that the so late rapper Eazy-E. She is the an initial child Easy had with Tracy Jernigan. After she announced her dream project, Erin concerned media attention, a documentary on she father’s life that would uncover every the keys behind his controversial death and the custody fight that followed. She has actually teamed up with her mother and sister top top the film and also is currently making efforts to gain the finances forced for production. 

Erin Bria bright Image source Twitter

Diajah Wright

Diajah is one more one that Easy-E’s daughters. Her mother, top top the other hand, is a renowned American film producer Tomica Wright. She was the boy that Easy and his wife had actually after your marriage. Unfortunately, easy had currently departed when she was born. She to be born 6 months after ~ the rapper’s death. Since of she parents’ famous American windy profile, Daijah light has got popularity globally. 

Daijah wright Image resource The Washington Independent

Henree wright (ReeMarkable)

Easy E’s daughter Henree Wright, also known by her rapper name ReeMarkable, is a hip-hop recording artist who became recognized because that songs such together “Big Racks” and her freestyle set to ice Cube’s “Jackin’ for Beats.” She is popular on Instagram, whereby she short articles pictures of her lifestyle and music manufacturing for her 200,000 fans. Her mom, Kelly, is an African-American that Italian-Trinidadian origin. ReeMarkbale has a son called Cobe.

Henree light (ReeMarkable) Image resource TG Time

Dominick Wright

Son that a famous underground rapper, Dominick take it on a various path 보다 his father and also made his career in acting. He was born in 1993 in Los Angeles, California, and is at this time 27 year of age. The has worked as a stunt man and actor in movies prefer The Money, Mistaken, counting on Me, and also more. That is also a version for cyclists. He has had actually a successful career through stunt roles in miscellaneous Hollywood movies. 

Dominick wright Image source Pinterest

Erica Wright

Erica Wright was still a tiny child as soon as her father Easy-E died of HIV/AIDS in 1995. Having spent her beforehand childhood v her father, she important loves his father and also the note he has left in the laboratory music scene. She still stays in Crompton, California, and is regularly seen about the city in clothes comparable to what she dad offered to wear, largely a Crompton t-shirt. She is Easy-E’s oldest daughter.

Erica light Image source Pinterest

Raven Wright

The just thing publicly available about Raven Wright is that she is Easy-E’s daughter. Apart from that, over there is tiny to no info available around Easy’s daughter and her whereabouts. Together a result, she continues to be out that the limelight and also does no attend any parties or occasions where she is recognized as the well known rapper’s daughter.

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Marquise wright (Yung Eazy)

Eazy-E’s child Marquise Wright likewise known by his rapper surname Yung Eazy to be born top top February 14, 1990. Yung basic has adhered to in his father’s footsteps and is working to end up being a lab artist. He has a YouTube channel named IAmYungEasy and also produces independent lab tunes and music. The has likewise talked around his dad being killed not by an STD yet by a deliberate effort to inject him through an HIV-infected syringe. However, he is maintaining his father’s legacy alive in his music and also his name. 

Marquise bright (Yung E) Image resource Soundcloud

Derrek wright (Baby Easy-E )

Easy’s 3rd son, additionally sometimes mentioned as the second, Derrek Wright, to be born ~ above January 28, 1988, in Crompton, California. Lot like his father and his elder brother, Derrek is a rapper and also produces music similar to his father. Of every the youngsters Easy fathered, Derrek and his brothers Eric truly follow the legacy and promote your father’s music via their own music. Derrek even dresses and also looks very comparable to his father. 

He likewise appeared in the music video clip for ‘Only If You desire It,’ alongside his father, as soon as he was only eight year old. He took time to prosper as one artist, and also now he’s making an excellent music continuing his father’s legacy. 

Baby Eazy-E Image resource Insomniac

Elijah Wright and David Wright 

There is no information available about Easy E’s children Elijah Wright and David Wright. However, we can confirm the surname are specific from various local sources and interviews. Still, except that, over there is no current update about the two and their skilled life or whereabouts. 

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