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The mark of the Lion Series

by Francine Rivers

TheMark the the Lion series consists of 3 books: A Voice inthe Wind, one Echo in the Darkness, and As sure asthe Dawn. Afascinating tale that is a combination of One Night through theKing, Gladiator, and also the HBO miniseries Rome(but there is no the R-rated elements), this compelling drama concentrates onthe life the Hadassah, a young Jewish Christian servant who is carried toRome ~ the devastation of Jerusalem in ad 70. Hadassah is pure andsweet and also brings her newfound belief in God to the affluent Valerianhousehold, where she offer the beautiful Julia Valerian.
despite beingsurrounded by the decadent, immorality of roman culture, Hadassah drawsstrength from her faith and impacts the lives of every member of thefamily, specifically Julia’s handsome brother, Marcus. She wins hisheart, however convinces him come restrain his passion out that respect for herbeliefs—she is a Christian and also cannot be united v an unbeliever. Itis this tension in between the two that keeps the story moving forward sothat the pages virtually turn themselves. Their partnership paints apicture that the power of the Roman human being battling versus the gentle,childlike confidence in the Christian God.

Added come the romantic object ofHadassah and also Marcus is the story the Atretes, a german tribal prince,who is captured and also brought come Rome together a gladiator. Wildly handsome andstrong, Atretes wins the donate of the arena crowds, and theaffections that Julia Valerian. Bending on revenge, he refuses to embracethe power and also fame of gift an undefeated fighter, opting instead tokeep his love hardened and cold. But through his trysts with Julia, heencounters Hadassah and sees in her the expect of something past whatRome has to offer.

Withthe powerful love story,political and also societal intrigue, no to cite the blood and also gore,this story has all the makings that a wonderful, compelling TVminiseries. The lavish Roman setup of wealth and splendor—from thehair and clothing, come the furniture and architecture, also theabundance of miscellaneous food and drink—adds a rich texture come the story,providing a beautiful backdrop for the personalities to play out theirdestinies. And of course, the scenes in the arena, including chariotracing, sword fighting, and battles v lions and other wild beasts,would satisfy the many blood-thirsty of tv viewers. However it isthe regular theme of faith in God and Messiah prevailing in also themost i can not qualify of scenarios that offers the story its heart. Even inan opulent society that existed thousands of years ago, money, fame,and strength were inadequate to bring the joy and fulfillment come lifethat room embodied in the life of a thank you very much Christian. The irradiate oftruth the Hadassah bring to everyone she to meet is what gives herthe can be fried power—for in her spirit, she bear the mark of the lion ofthe people of Judah.

Iwould think an epos story favor this could attract the fist of thetop director in Hollywood, and an all-star A-list cast,provided the Christian themes to be presented truthfully and also not in aheavy-handed manner. Since of the embodiment of history, extravagantsets, and also special effects, over there is no factor a secular audiencewouldn’t fall in love with this story favor they walk Russell Crowe’s Gladiator.In fact, this could be a classic shown come generations to come—and evenin schools—as wonderful picture the what roman inn life was like. Itwould likewise introduce this fabulous series to the following generation ofreaders, both Christian and also secular alike, and also to all the other workswritten through the an excellent Francine Rivers.

For those of you out there whohaven’t choose up this series because the the intricacy of the story orthe number of pages, don’t wait because that the miniseries—read the now. Butmake sure you have actually all three publications on hand or you will certainly deeply regretit! The just time ns remember gyeongju to the library before the doorsclosed to be after i finished book one in this series.

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That is a treasurethat absolutely deserves all the best that Hollywood needs to offer.