I write a great deal ~ above the object ofmen attract lingerie in public and yet, it seems that over there is notenough creating in the people to properly address this topic. Wordsonly go so far, part things need illustration, and also a an excellent friendof mine and regular contributor come He put on Panties has actually been therefore verykind as to provide some prior to an after photos of self wearing abrassiere under working attire.

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His advice for guys wanting to execute the samego together such:

Wear a special shirt, one the is not tootight, if in ~ all possible it need to be a tiny over sized so the itis not pulled tightly versus the human body at any type of stage that your job-related day,thus revealing the dreaded lingerie lines. It is additionally wise not to tuck the shirt in also tightly.

You'll check out in the an initial picture thatCyndie, as he likes to be called, looks an extremely much prefer your averageguy dressed because that a day at the office. (Take note, ladies, men who wearlingerie aren't basic to pick. Any variety of your male coworkers mayvery well be attract lingerie.)


But in this 2nd picture, the realityof the issue becomes an extremely clear indeed. A bra is gift worn underthis otherwise mrs ensemble, a bra is covert with greatstealthiness inside a covering of timeless male dress. You have the right to dothis also men, it's perfect simple, and I hear the it gives a great lift come an otherwise dreary day in ~ the office.


Note that though Cyndie is no wearing a seamlessbrassiere, over there is tiny danger of the bra gift spotted v the shirt since of the thickness. Keep in mind too, the shade match in between shirt and also bra, other which might prevent civilization from visually identifying a bra, yet which in this situation seems to be much more of a issue of being color co-ordinated, and really nice it looks too.

Note also, the skin hugging way thatthe bra fits his body. That is snug, without digging in. This is theperfect type of fit for a male wearing his lingerie in public. Tooloose and the emotion is no longer as potent, as well tight and yourlingerie will be provided away by the telltale flesh bump which sproutup approximately the straps.

I hope that this has given youconfidence come wear lingerie the way you desire to, when you want to.I'd also like to say thanks to Cyndie, for once much more being a glowing exampleof a man who put on lingerie as he wishes, enjoys it and is additionally ableto it is in discreet around it as soon as he choose to be. After ~ all, the notmandatory for women or lads to show their unmentionables come theworld, is it?


Kathleen D. top top September 21, 2020:

Any man I date will undertake a bra for me if we day for a month or more. Ns love understanding it's our tiny romantic secret. I've also had guys wear a bra and also breast forms under a coat. They all wear panties for me after a few dates.

PaulaPlaytex on may 19, 2020:

"I Am currently A 48C/48D-Cup Bra Wearer" !!!

44c on April 14, 2020:

Dont knock it till you try it, a coworker recorded me attract a bra. Best thing that ever before happened to me, we are been lovers for end 5years now.

Hank on march 19, 2020:

I've to be wearing a bra from the time i to be 11. I was a 32a, i'm 58 year old now and also am a 46c, ns wear a bra every day as i constantly have. Weath it is work-related droctors apt or pat . End the year prople have remarked around it v crule remarkes or threats or are you gay. My solution has constantly been the same. That feel good and i like the feel, i favor sexy shear bras that let my girls bounce and jiggle.

Rick on in march 08, 2020:

I wore a bra to job-related for years yet i always had ashirt to cover the up however after a variety of years i determined that if mine bra mirrors thru for this reason what if world cant take care of it it their trouble you have the right to look however just dont touch


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Patrick ~ above December 22, 2019:

One thing I will certainly be honest about. Never wear a bra under high vis apparel no matter exactly how tight or loosened they are. I found this prior to making the journey to work. I work-related in a blokey industry and would be noticed and also made funny of yet sexual harassment is 100% fired on the spot.

PaulaPlaytex on respectable 05, 2018:

I am now retired...But as soon as I worked...I always wore my Bra...I have natural 46B/46C-Cup Breasts...So Bra wearing is a must for me.

Stacey B on June 04, 2018:

I have actually worn lingerie approximately the residence out to buy and also to work.I have had actually a few times when some one noticed my undergarments and just offered me a funny look however there have been rude unwarranted comments made together well. Ns have found that put on bras to work-related is a lot simpler in the winter time together the more outer clothing there is the much less noticeable castle are. I am
a allude in mine life whereby I really don't treatment what other civilization think I just wan't to it is in comfortable in that I am.

Gary top top February 01, 2018:

I wear a bra because I have D cup breasts due to gynecomastia indigenous meds. Don't misunderstand, ns have always wanted feminine breasts and also was elated once I to be blessed with breasts. Ns tuck my shirt in tight and my shirt fits snug end my breasts. Mine bra lines are visible, anyone payment attention will notice.

I wear micro fiber boyshorts because they are an ext comfortable than any other underwear. I haven't worn man underwear in over 30 years. Not about to go back to men drawers.

People do comment but never negative.

Peter on January 07, 2017:

Great article!! I desire to undertake bra to job-related also.

It feel so an excellent against mine soft/smooth skin. Ns feel naked there is no my bra on. It's entirely sexy hot turn on come wear one.

Monique top top June 14, 2015:

I don't stay a bra in ~ work, however, I take trip quite frequently away from the office and will placed my bra on when traveling. I frequently have the chance to prevent at purchase malls or women's garments stores and have no trouble wearing mine bra, forms, women jeans, blouse, and even feminine shoes. I do obtain some understanding looks, at times, yet it doesn't bother me at all. I have had countless bra fittings and I'm simply upfront and also honest with the sales staff about what I'm spring for. Castle obviously recognize that I'm shopping because that myself and also I have actually never had actually a problem. Many of the time, they space overly helpful and seem to reap being of assistance. I am always courteous and respectful and sometimes i buy something and sometimes ns don't. It's really funny to talk around bras through a female who treats you just like another woman. Ns have had actually them call me about their favourite bras, what size they wear, and also why they think ns would like a particular style. I really gain doing this and don't treatment what others think!

Gord ~ above April 03, 2010:


Great comments! ns love come wear lingerie under my apparel all the time, and only have a couple of male briefs left in the back of my panty drawer. The more you wear that the much more you desire to, and the much less you care about getting caught!

Sam on January 30, 2010:

If you're going to wear a bra in public, work most likely isn't the finest place to begin - much too high threat if it goes wrong! places where civilization won't understand you are far better to start with - going shopping, because that instance.

Strap adjusters are the biggest problem in mine experience; this page has actually some beneficial tips ~ above minimizing the opportunities of anyone recording you out:


Tom ~ above January 05, 2010:

Hi Hope

Thank you come you and also Cyndie for the great article ,I feel that the more people space educated the much less judgemental they will be to all of cross-dressers.

I would favor to include that ns wear bras with develops , panties and also camisoles most every day to work-related under mine uniform and also no one has actually seemed to an alert , if they have actually they haven't said anything come me around it.

So to all of you guys who would prefer to wear bras and also panties to occupational , carry out it and enjoy how good you will feel.

ectomorphguy on November 11, 2009:

I have uncovered that no wire bras room the finest for concealment. They don't have actually the natural cup connected with many bars and therefore, deserve to be worn discreetly. Rock on!

fran-gerry top top November 08, 2009:

i stay a bra 42D many of time.I to be often dubbed miss even when i am not wearing a bra. Ns wear a blouse ,sweater or tank top. Anyone is constantly pleasant.I have actually never had actually funny looks.

Patient0 top top November 06, 2009:

Here's one more trick - learn to take off the bra without taking off her shirt. You can do this with many short-sleeved shirts: unclip the bra in the ago or front, on slide one shoulder off, the end your sleeve, under your arm. Remove forms if any. Slip the various other shoulder off an pull the bra out v the armhole. I have tendency to undertake a bra top top the method to and from work, take it turn off in the car. Mainly since my problem seems to it is in the shoulders slipping turn off by us (and not because they're stretched out by this trick!)

lingerielover ~ above October 26, 2009:

To undertake a bra at work-related you need to be careful. Ns wear a bra in public. And also if who notices in most cases ladies you acquire a questioning look and also that is it. At work-related it can happen the your entirety department could know it. And people are regularly not friendly. And they might use it against you.

D top top September 19, 2009:

I've to be trying to acquire the courage up to wear a bra to work. I favor to undertake them around the house, yet wearing to work-related would it is in thrilling. I've worn my camis to job-related a couple of times, and that to be wonderful - felt an extremely naughty and also confident in ~ the very same time. Many thanks for the tips and also advice - i hope to job-related on a bra over the colder months when I typically wear a jacket at occupational as it's cold. I'll have the ability to sort that experiment a small easier with the bra as my jacket will certainly do many of the hiding. As I figure it out, I'll be able to wear in the warmer months too :)

Lee on July 10, 2009:

Hi Hope...I love her site and also your comments.Would like to right here from several of the males that don't try to hide the reality that they are wearing a bra. All of my close friends space female so I gain along and also feel comfortable with them. As soon as a week us go to a bar the is for sure for us and have a few drinks. I usually change at work and slip right into a blouse and also my favorite black crepe pants. Also put on my heels so i fit ideal in through my girl friends. It's really liberating.

Hope Alexander (author) ~ above July 09, 2009:

Thanks Leslie, and to girlfriend all, for visiting, commenting and also participating. The is what provides this location so much fun and also so advantageous for the men who fall by :)

Leslie ~ above July 09, 2009:

It was refreshing reading Lee's comment on his work ar clothing. I find it confusing the a male wants come wear a bra to work but does everthing he deserve to to hide it. If you choose wearing a bra then don't hide it.I perform see a difficulty if it i do not care a difficulty in the work place. I work in a place wear everone attract a smock over their regular clothing. I usually wear a vibrant blouse over my bra and ladies slacks. I wear a level gold necklace and braclet. I have actually my nails done every 2 weeks and also my hair done at the same time.Most of mine friends at work are female and we get along simply fine.I've never had a difficulty just as lengthy as I do my job. I simply think if possible you should dress in a manner that is in an excellent taste and also makes you feel good. Reap your website Hope and also find her comments stimulating.

Lee on July 08, 2009:

Hi, I work in a large medical office. 90 percent of the employees room women and the physicians are additionally female. I usually wear a tee shirt and jeans. Some time i'll wear a colored blouse. I have a 34b bust and also wear a underwire bra through no padding. I hate padding. Naturally I always wear a equivalent panty. I've never had actually a problem with any of the women on exactly how I dress.I guess: v It renders a distinction where friend work. Hope this is helpful.


jim on July 04, 2009:

Before retiring i wore bras come work, daily. At the moment a tan cross her heat format worked best since of the bottom elastic band that maintained the bra from riding as much as my neck. The course i wore a thick shirt. Now I uncover that the best style for staying in place is a prior hook bra. I'm wearing among my wife's black nylon and it functions wonderfully. A b cup works very well.

bill ~ above July 01, 2009:

hello and also yes i wore a bra to work-related under my shirt because that years and also rarely did anyone an alert and as soon as it was noticed it to be by females and a couple of males never any type of problems or comments except if you need to then wear it and also with 42dd at the time i had to work-related shirt to be a mediun blue uniform occupational shirt and also i generally wore a white or beige bra still wear one every day and now brave sufficient to go the end wearing a dark tshirt oversize the course

mikki ~ above June 30, 2009:

Hope (and the lovely Cyndie),

While I deserve to readily see the sensual appeal to wearing a bra under her boywear, because that me that is simply an unecessary risk of exposure. When Cyndie illustrates the frontal non-disclosure, ns wonder if those bland strap adjusting buckles stand right out when he tote something like publications or an armload the papers? In my suffer (with camisoles) that is the true tattletale under her shirt for men. Naught in the masculine wardrobe has those adjusters and there is really little means to not screen them if your outerwear fits you.

I prefer the camisoles without adjusters which are made through a wide selection of manufacturers (I'm partial come Vanity fair of course!). They lie nice and also flat and also are easily mistaken for a A-Tee shirt during those rare times anyone notices. Of course, every the rules of an excellent dressing apply regarding fit and colors, and you might want to be sure your shirts buttons high sufficient to hide the lovely lace or satin trim.

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There is something so nice around wearing your favorite camisole and panties ensemble (of food they must enhance silly!) under her clothes... It provides me feeling so centered and also in balance for the entirety day.