75-year-old Cameroonian musician Manu Dibango is suing both Michael Jackson and also R&B diva Rihanna over the use of the line “mama-say-mama-sa-mama-coosa,” i m sorry was first made renowned in Dibango’s 1972 afro-funk classic, “Soul Makossa.”

(At this point, we advise you protect against reading this, and also press pat on the YouTube clip at the bottom the the page. Seriously. Feeling good?)

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Okay, ago to the news. According to the AFP, Jackson already admitted to borrowing the line from Dibango top top his 1983 Thriller track “Wanna it is in Startin’ Somethin’”, and also the two resolved out that court. However, the quotable phrase also appears in Rihanna’s 2007 hit solitary “Don’t protect against the Music,” which contains a sample of Jackson’s song. Dibango claims he wasn’t consulted ~ above the usage, and also is seeking secondary 500,000 euros in compensation. Sounds choose he’s going basic on them — we’re pretty sure Rihanna spends more than the on umbrellas.

So what walk “mama say mama sa mama coosa” actually mean? One feasible translation: “makossa” means “dance” in the Cameroonian language that Duala.



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