A collection of regrettably Events: The Previous mam Lulu Is... A collection of Unfortunate events season 2 ends through a secret cameo by the previous madame Lulu, play by Allison Williams. Yet who is she really?

A series of Unfortunate events Kit Snicket
Warning: Major SPOILERS ahead because that A collection of unfortunately Events season 2, plus one large spoiler because that season 3...

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A series of unfortunate Events is a present full that mysteries, but one that the best mysteries left over at the end of season 2 is the of that the elusive former Madame Lulu is. Allison Williams" spreading was announced really recently, v no character surname attached, but the last moments that this season disclose her together the previous madame Lulu, who handed over the duty to Olivia Caliban (Sara Rue), and returns to uncover Caligari Carnival in flames. She true identification isn"t revealed, but Lemony Snicket (Patrick Warburton) states that she is "a woman i know an extremely well."

The natural assumption for viewers who haven"t check out the publications is the Williams is playing the mysterious Beatrice, because Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) indicates earlier in the "Carnivorous Carnival" two-parter the Beatrice made it through his murder attempt. However, those who are acquainted with the source material will have the ability to deduce the truth: Williams is actually playing Kit Snicket, Lemony"s sister.

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Yes, after introducing Jacques Snicket (Nathan Fillion) in season 2, and also then killing him off, A series of regrettably Events expose the 3rd and (as much as we know) final Snicket sibling simply in time for season 3. Kit Snicket, favor her brothers, is a member the the mysterious an enig organization V.F.D., and she is currently in possession the the Sugar key - though the true nature that this much sought-after object stays unclear.

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A series of Unfortunate events - The Penultimate Peril Kit Snicket (far left) ~ above the cover of The Penultimate Peril
us won"t give away also much about Kit Snicket simply yet, however she will end up crossing routes with the Baudelaires in season 3 - which will certainly be the last season that the show, adapting the final four books in the series. Like the various other members that V.F.D. Who we"ve met so far, Kit is armed with curiosity and a well-defined moral compass indicated by a concern for children, and also Olivia Caliban defines her as "our bravest certified dealer in the field."

Kit to be serving in the function of mam Lulu - i beg your pardon is in reality a rotating disguise provided by various V.F.D. Members in order to gather details - however handed the character over to Olivia so that she can head come Heimlich Hospital and also retrieve the street Bowl. If girlfriend look very closely in the scene wherein Kit departs, you deserve to see that she"s attract a scarf patterned with the exact same symbol the Olaf and Jacques have actually tattooed on their ankles - i m sorry looks like an eye, however is actually a stylized explicate of the letter V.F.D. In the books, Kit has the very same tattoo on her ankle, together do every one of the V.F.D. Members.