“Clocks” is a track by one of the many successful British absent bands of every time Coldplay. The song shows up to be about being in a tumultuous, heart-breaking partnership yet being deeply in love when time ache ticks away. The singer, who can’t seem to conceptualize life without this love, is stricken powerless as all he appears to have the ability to do is watch as his relationship deteriorates. The song’s key theme is love. Yet is this yes, really what the lyrics of “Clocks” are about?

Multiple Interpretations the the definition of “Clocks”

To it is in honest, “Clocks” is painfully-ambiguous.That is no to diss the in anyway, as numerous have derived pleasure and their very own understandings indigenous it. Yet the explanation that its lyrics can quickly vary.

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A song around Romance

On one hand, it is said to beone that Coldplay’s romantic tracks.So if the is the case, then the addressee would certainly logically be the singer’s sweetheart.Moreover it would seem that their relationship has actually its issues.And under together circumstances, the title would certainly likely allude to the idea that they only have actually a finite amount the time easily accessible to rectify the situation.

A track that talks around existential issues

But perhaps themost-popular understandingof “Clocks” is that it transcends the realm of amorous love and also rather faces general existential matters. And once again, the entire instance is presented as having actually its challenges.So probably the simplest way of explicate the whole scenario is one where the narrator inquiries whether or no he is utilizing the life he has been granted in a constructive – or let’s ideal – manner.


A spirituality song

And yet an additional interpretation might be the this song is spirituality in nature. Without doubt Chris Martin, the command singer of Coldplay, is recognized as gift someone whoopenly to trust in a greater Power.So an alternative explanation the the lyrics might be that they recount his disappointed in life due to deeming himself an unworthy and defeated individual, i m sorry is a continual themein Christianity. Together is absolutely the disposition of the narrator in the very first verse, no matter just how you reduced it.But then, as depicted in the bridge, he is appreciating the receiver (i.e. God) together being an instance the most-excellent part of existence.But potentially most-telling is the reality that the chorus, “you are”, is the third-personin relationtothe expression “I am”, i beg your pardon ishow Godoften refers to Himselfin the Bible.

In Conclusion

But regardless which knowledge a listener may adhere to, the bottom line is that the singer is having a difficult time.Thus he wants to go “home”, with the addressee, though whathomeactually to represent is when again as much as debate. And also throughout it all, the addressee, whomever this entity may be, is someone the singer looks as much as as a relief native his discontents.

Facts around “Clocks”

“Clocks” was written by all 4 members that Coldplay (C. Martin, G. Berryman, W. Champion and also J. Buckland).The production, on the other hand, to be done by English document producer Ken Nelson.The song, i beg your pardon is may be the many successful song from Coldplay’s 2002 2nd studio album “A sirloin of Blood to the Head” practically did no make it onto the album. Follow to kris Martin, the track was inspired by the works of fellow British rock band Muse.In 2010, the tune was inserted at the 490th place on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “500 greatest Songs of all Time“.The tune is widely regarded by music doubters as among the best works that Coldplay.Which movies and also television shows has actually “Clocks” appeared?

The song has actually been featured in plenty of movies and TV mirrors over the years. And some an extremely notable ones include the following:

Crime dramaTV collection “The SopranosMedicaldrama TV collection “ERAnimated sitcom “Family Guy2003’s crimedrama film “Confidence2003’s fantasyadventure film “Peter Pan” i m sorry artists have actually sampled or released cover versions of “Clocks”?

“Clocks” has been sampled and also remixed by a variety of famous musical acts such together the famous Norwegian music duo Röyksopp (who remixed it) and also American singer Brandy (who sampled that in her track “Should i Go”).

Also, that is worth noting the David Guetta’s 2009 hit track “When Love take away Over” (ft. Kelly Rowland) has actually a piano development that is very comparable to the famous piano melody of “Clocks”.

4 Responses

Brian Gray says:
January 21, 2020 in ~ 5:14 am

It has actually been said that the departed effort to contact us in number of ways, yet music is among the many prevalent – Therefore, i submit the following:

My Brother and also best friend recently passed away from inoperable mind Cancer. Everything about this song fits perfectly within his existence. Clocks to be a track that I had actually heard many time end the year and always identified it as my brothers favourite song. He as a aspiring piano player, and also love this song for its keyboard playing. Ns heard it for the an initial time as were driving down a toll road in Orlando earlier in 2004. Thats just how vivid the storage of it is since my brothers raved around how awesome this group, Coldplay was. I never ever bothered to know or know the words until just now (Jan 2020). My brother was diagnosed and also deceased within 5 months. Several things about this song and also his fatality are so familiar that it’s unreal because that me to finally understand or know the lyrics, 16yrs later. First of all, my brothers deeply regretted the he had an ‘unfinished life”. He had invented a golf totter training machine that was hailed together the best because Medicus came on the market. One famous golf instructor actually stated it to be 10 times much better than Medicus! This newly manufactured maker was simply coming come market and years that anticipation were about to happen, when he to be diagnosed. Life walk downhill really fast over the following 5 months.

“Am I component of the an illness or cure”, completely floors me since my brother want to it is in donated to scientific research so that others in the future could be provided a much longer time come live or a cure be found. Wow! climate there to be the consistent agony of do the efforts to recognize the “why me” component of having his life finish at such an early age (he turn 66 in hospice and died 2 main later)

“Come the end of the points unsaid” – mine brother seemed to agonize end the things that he had not stated to myself and others. That was really important come him that i let others understand these things and also clarify the cases if necessary.

“Shoot and apple turn off my head” – In the last weeks together he was coming come terms with his death, he discussed things that he wished he had gone ahead and also done in life ie: Skydiving (as if it matters now), considering the would have actually rather gone out prefer that 보다 lying in a hospice bed.

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“A tigers waiting to it is in tamed” – I acknowledge as him meeting his comeuppance through our Lord and also Savior. Yes, he to be a believer and I pray the he is play golf in heaven on days once he isn’t working his grape vineyards, bordering by his mansion.

“Confusion that never ever stops” – he just couldn’t number our the “why now” component of this dreadful disease.

“Come back and take it you homeI might not stop, that you now recognize – my brother wanted to make sure that i was a believer and also that i would ultimately be taken house to heaven and also play golf v him again.

After 16 years I lastly read the lyrics to this song and also recognize that it has actually my brother life laid out so significantly. No one else will be able to see what I have envisioned as the definition of this lyrics. They certainly mean different things to various people, but I to be forever persuaded that that day in 2004 as soon as I first heard it and also my brother told me how an excellent it to be – to be for a reason!