Low Serial number on Currency – Values and also Pricing

Low serial numbers space really a most fun to see. The more leading zeros you have actually on a item currency, the higher the worth will be. However, this rule does have to be explained:

Serial number 00000001 – 00000009, most valuableSerial number 00000010 – 00000099, always carry a premiumSerial number 00000100 – 00000999, could lug a premiumSerial number 00001000 and greater will rarely be worth an ext than face value


Currency through low serial numbers have been i found it and accumulated since currency was printed. In the old work (pre-1928) short serial number note were mainly saved as presentation piece for politicians. Today most low serial number note are conserved either directly at the bureau of Engraving and Printing, at federal Reserve Banks, or by astute bank tellers and also other money handlers. That is not uncommon for entire serial number 1 – 100 package to be saved.

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Hands under the most beneficial serial number is constantly serial number 1. A00000001A is very important. Serial number one notes space usually walk to offer for a few thousand dollars or more.

The next range of serial number is two with nine. You would certainly think the serial number two is much more valuable 보다 serial number nine, however that no true. All solitary digit serial number two with nine space worth about the same. These commonly trade because that a few hundred dollars for usual circulated issues.

All serial number 10 v 99 room going to usually be precious the very same as every other. These have the right to be purchase for much less than $100 in practically all cases.

Handling serial number 100 v 999 can be tricky. Us don’t recommend spending serial number in this range, but it can take time to find the right buyer. A many of civilization might collection serial number 85, yet not many people are walk to collect serial number 785.

Serial numbers greater than 999 simply aren’t rarely or collectible. The only exception would it is in something choose 00003000, 00001234, or a birth year serial number favor 00001963.

Keep in mind that low serial number notes aren’t all that rare. Low serial number are printed every day and a lot of low serial numbers obtain placed directly into collectors’ hands. So low serial number notes deserve to be valuable, yet they yes, really aren’t particularly rare.

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We love buying short serial number currency. Nothing seasonings up a situation like a couple of low serial number note to present off. You re welcome let united state know what you have and also we would certainly be happy to do an offer.