In Lord of the Flies, Piggy"s actual name is never provided, since none the the boys treatment enough about him to ask for it. Instead, the guys take satisfied in utilizing the nickname he"d most hoped to avoid once he came down on the island.

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though Piggy places focus on knowing the names of the other boys ~ above the island, that is interesting that no one ever asks Piggy what his genuine name is. Piggy is the one that comes up with the idea of make a list of all the boys" surname as...

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Though Piggy places focus on understanding the names of the various other boys ~ above the island, that is interesting that no one ever asks Piggy what his genuine name is. Piggy is the one who comes up through the idea of do a perform of every the boys" names together a kind of record. Piggy is likewise the young who begins collecting names ~ the conch covering brings lock together.

When Piggy an initial meets Ralph, he easily asks because that Ralph"s name. Not only does Ralph not ask for Piggy"s name in return, however through the narrator, we are provided to recognize that he thinks of Piggy just as "the fat boy." Piggy even attempts to "hint" to Ralph the Ralph has failed to ask Piggy because that his name, and also he is then required to be much more forthright in noting that he doesn"t treatment what the boys on the island speak to him as long as the isn"t the nickname they provided at school: Piggy.

Piggy share this details with Ralph as a no hope attempt towards camaraderie, yet it doesn"t work. Instead, Ralph ridicules Piggy and even share the shameful nickname with the entire group in an effort to persuade their favor towards himself. We discover quite a little of Piggy"s background throughout the story, yet his genuine name is never ever revealed.

This is indicative of exactly how insignificant Piggy—and his wisdom—is come the group. The boys watch him as annoying and expendable. His identity is not vital to them, and when Ralph is finally rescued, that realizes how small Piggy was valued:

Ralph wept because that the end of innocence, the darkness of male heart, and also the fall through the wait of the true, wise friend dubbed Piggy.

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Although the boy was "called" Piggy, Ralph realizes that he never ever knew his friend"s real name. Thus, Piggy dies as one outcast, hated because that his wisdom; no one cared enough around him to even ask the straightforward truth about his offered name.