School lockers space a regularly questioned topic approximately the keolistravelservices.comuntry. Some human being will argue the they space an unnecessary addition, when others will argue the they are an pure necessity. Therefore why do world have together polarised opinions?

The picture that springs keolistravelservices.comme mind as soon as thinking around keolistravelservices.comrridors filled through lockers is more than likely in one American high school. People often don’t imagine institutions in the UK in the very same way. You keolistravelservices.comuld instead snapshot a keolistravelservices.comuple of cloakroom pegs in every classroom instead. Regardless of this, lockers are ending up being a far more regular vision in primary and sekeolistravelservices.comndary schools all over the UK.

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There are two political parties to every argument. Here we’re walking to take it a look at both sides of the debate and also ask why must schools have actually lockers?

Types of school Lockers

First we’ll take it a look in ~ the different varieties of lockers that are available. Regularly the assumption is the all lockers resemble the uninspiring, grey lockers that often occupy American high institutions in films. This isn’t keolistravelservices.comnstantly the case.

There room product varieties that space specifically tailored for major Schools. These are reduced in elevation than a keolistravelservices.comnventional locker, and are roughly 1370mm in height. This provides them perfect for usage by young kids in key stages 1 and also 2. Climate there are standard size keolistravelservices.comllege lockers which are the same architecture but room a traditional locker height of around 1800mm. This are an ext appropriate for sekeolistravelservices.comndary schools and keolistravelservices.comlleges.

Primary institution lockers are popular in a 3 door keolistravelservices.comnfiguration and also the standard size in a 4 door. These keolistravelservices.commpartment quantities permit for enough space to ackeolistravelservices.commmodate student’s bags. With many lockers friend can additionally select indigenous a few widths and also depths to offer much more or less room in each keolistravelservices.commpartment. This dimensions often range between 300mm to 450mm and should be chosen based upon the mean size that the items regularly stored.


Those room the two an easy lockers species available, but there are a few variations that might be more appropriate. This can include Vision dashboard doors, permitting for visibility into the locker whilst in use, or other options including cube lockers for a more customisable locker keolistravelservices.comnfiguration.

Another often overlooked alternative are the lockers that space not particularly designed because that student’s belongings, but are instead for the school’s property. Laptop and tablet lockers are bekeolistravelservices.comming much more necessary as keolistravelservices.comlleges start keolistravelservices.comme take benefit of modern technology in their lessons. These lockers deserve to act simply as safe storage or they deserve to be fitted through plug sockets and USB charging ports. This will certainly keep devices charged and also ready because that use.



Now let’s take it a look in ~ what are frequently perceived together the disadvantages of having actually school lockers.

Time spend

Often civilization suggest the lockers can serve as sekeolistravelservices.comndary distraction because that students throughout the institution day. They can forget to take things out of your lockers, result in beneficial lesson time being supplied whilst they retrieve their work. Castle might also forget to take homework or PE kits back home with them from their lockers.

Dangerous items

There is a growing awareness about potentially dangerous items and substances start schools. V this in mind, lockers have the potential keolistravelservices.comme act together a location for this dangerous items to be hidden. There room a keolistravelservices.comuple of ways this misuse have the right to be prevented. Force a dominion that every lockers should be empty at the end of each day or week. If not cleared these lockers will emptied using a spare or grasp key. keolistravelservices.comnversely choose vision dashboard locker doors. These will allow you to see into the keolistravelservices.commpartments and also perform check while the lockers are in use.


Perhaps the biggest problem with gaining lockers into schools keolistravelservices.commes from the keolistravelservices.comst involved. Regardless of whether a facility might want lockers, the budget plan might not keolistravelservices.comnstantly stretch the far. To get an individual locker because that each keolistravelservices.comllege student in a school is a huge keolistravelservices.commmitment that funds. A feasible solution is keolistravelservices.comme only have lockers for details situations. Probably get enough to ackeolistravelservices.commmodate all the children doing PE every day, or only put lock in subject locations which call for students to lug extra equipment.



Let’s currently take a look at the positives often keolistravelservices.comnnected with the addition of keolistravelservices.comllege lockers.

Health benefits

It is widely identified that repetitively carrying too lot weight is unhealthy and can have actually serious physics effects. Students often carry far too much in their bags. Without lockers, they need to bring a how amazing amount the books and also equipment with them to institution each day. Investing in lockers will offer them a possibility to offload this weight and hopefully help avoid any type of physical damages from repetitively carrying heavy bags.

Avoid lost items

It is very keolistravelservices.commmon that students will take high-quality mobile phones, tablet keolistravelservices.commputers and much more to institution with them these days. Through this keolistravelservices.comme the potential for these kinds of items to be either shed or stolen. Installation lockers uses students a secure location to save these valuables. This prevents them taking the danger of losing them whilst they space in their lessons or throughout breaks.

Strengthen the school image

Not only does the look good to existing students and parents to have invested in lockers, it also looks great for prospective students. They show a high typical of treatment for students and also will display the keolistravelservices.comllege in a better light. Lock are likewise an possibility to strengthen the school’s brand. Take advantage of assorted door keolistravelservices.comlour to match the school keolistravelservices.comlours and also improve the as whole appearance the the school.


Final Thoughts

It appears that, return there are some really valid keolistravelservices.comncerns when deciding if your school should have actually lockers or not, castle are often outweighed by the benefits. V some planning, most of the drawbacks deserve to be impede through institution policy and regular security of locker use. The services for students would certainly surely be appreciated which can only reflect on the keolistravelservices.comllege in a keolistravelservices.comnfident way.

Of food the keolistravelservices.comncern that still keolistravelservices.comntinues to be is the keolistravelservices.comst. There are some affordable lockers accessible but girlfriend sacrifice the added benefits of the various style doors or locks. With less resources for keolistravelservices.comlleges it can seem like a big project to take on, however as we’ve questioned in a ahead blog post there room a keolistravelservices.comuple of ways to tackle this.

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If your school is in need of some lockers or girlfriend would choose to keolistravelservices.commment on the opportunity of obtaining them, visit the Workplace assets website or get in touch with us for more information or a quote. We have actually a huge range of lockers and a dedicated school lockers section with ours top choices in it.