Country singer Tim McGraw before the first half one NFL soccer game in between the Tampa bay Buccaneers and the mountain Francisco 49ers, Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio)

WhenTim McGrawreleased his eighth studio album in 2004, the couldn"t have predicted the the record"s titular song, "Live favor You were Dying" would become one the his best hits and lead plenty of country pan to study their lives.

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As the an initial single native the album, also calledLive favor You were Dying (Curb Records), the song debuted at number 36 ~ above the U.S.BillboardHot nation Singles & Tracks however quickly skyrocketed right into the peak slot wherein it spent 7 weeks at number one. The album additionally featured the singles "Back When," "Drugs or Jesus," "Do You desire Fries through That" and "My Old Friend."

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The Depth the the Track

Lyrically, the song takes listeners through the story the a man in his at an early stage forties that finds the end that his dad is dying. After ~ worrying about x-rays and his time left, the man"s dad responds by living life to its fullest by skydiving, hill climbing, detect forgiveness and loving deeper.

The lyrics turn to self-reflection with McGraw singing that taking the time to absorb the moments invested with love ones and also pursuing the fun and also ambitious points his dad wanted additionally fulfilled him.

"Live prefer You to be Dying" was created by Tim Nichols, that has additionally written forFaith Hilland Alan Jackson, and Craig Wiseman, an achieved writer in the Nashville Songwriters hall of Fame. McGraw most likely easily connected with the words the pair had written because his father, Tug McGraw, passed far in early on 2004 ~ a fight with cancer.

While talking toParade, the songwriting duo revealed the they come up through the song"s contents while share stories and also discussing a common friend who had actually been given a misdiagnosis and thought he to be dying.

"We simply started talking about people that responded in that type of way: "Wow, it"s time to get busy," as opposed to, "I"m walk to walk lay down in my bed and also freak out,"" Wiseman continued. "And our talks just turned in the direction of civilization that just sort of respond to that news in a yes, really cool way. And also at part point, we knew there to be a tune there, prefer "dying to live." ns think i mumbled, "live choose you to be dying," and also Tim said, "Yeah, that!""

Penning A Hit

McGraw and also songwriters Nichols and Wiseman to be well-rewarded because that the tune with the 2004GrammyAward for finest Country Song, and solitary of the Year and Song the the Year native the country Music association Awards and also the Academy of country Music Awards.

Moreover, the three musicians have actually touched listeners v their collaborative monitor that"s cause a selection of emotional reactions native teary eyes while singing follow me in the auto to taking a long tough look at exactly how a person lives their life.

This story initially ran on Dec. 26, 2019.

"Live prefer You were Dying" Lyrics:

He said, "I was in my early on 40s,With a most life before me,And a minute came that quit me on a dime.I spent most of the following daysLookin" in ~ the X-rays,Talkin" "bout the optionsAnd talkin" "bout sweet time."

I inquiry him, "When the sank in that this might really be the real end,How"s the hit you, once you obtain that type of news?"Man what"d you do?"And that said,

"I went skies divin",I walk rocky mountain climbin",I went 2.7 secs on a bull called Fumanchu.And i loved deeper,And i spoke sweeter,And I offered forgiveness I"d been denying."

And that said, "Someday ns hope you get the chanceTo live favor you to be dying."

He said, "I was lastly the husbandThat many the time ns wasn"t,And I became a girlfriend a friend would prefer to have.And all of a suddenly goin" fishingWasn"t together an imposition.And ns went 3 times that year I lost my dad.Well I finally read the great book,And i took a an excellent long tough lookAt what I"d perform if I can do it every again.And then...

I went sky divin",I went rocky hill climbin",I go 2.7 seconds on a bull called Fumanchu.And ns loved deeper,And ns spoke sweeter,And I offered forgiveness I"d been denying."

And that said, "Someday i hope you acquire the chanceTo live favor you were dying."

Like morning was a giftAnd you"ve obtained eternityTo think around what you"d do with it,What walk you perform with it,What deserve to I execute with it,What would I do with it.

Sky divin",I walk rocky mountain climbin",I walk 2.7 secs on a bull called Fumanchu.And i loved deeper,And ns spoke sweeter,And ns watched one eagle as it to be flyin".

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And he said, "Someday ns hope you gain the chanceTo live like you were dyin"."

To live favor you were dyin".To live favor you were dyin".To live favor you were dyin".To live choose you to be dyin".