little jack horner satellite in a corner,

eating his christmas pie:

he placed in his thumb, and also pulled out a plum

and said, “what a good boy am I!”


Here he is pulling the end the plum! ns was really nervous around tackling the pie and the plum, however surprisingly ns didn’t have troubles with one of two people (problems with my sewing maker that resulted in very loud swearing, yes). The pie plate has pintucks every around and is stuffed v foam and cotton batting. The pie is a natural linen lined through a purple and red print that I have actually ridiculous amounts of. Ns don’t normal prefer purple, however I assumed that it nearly looked choose the within of a plum pie: all red and purple and oozy. The pie is simply gathered and hand sewn to the plate. I have no idea whereby this idea come from, but I think it in reality looks like the crimped leaf of a pie. And also as I provided to be a baker, ns am particularly proud that it. The pie additionally has a tiny pocket on top to hold the plum. Ns sewed the pocket in and then make a little bias tape and also finished it with that. The looks okay, however I think there room neater methods of doing something favor this (putting one invisible pocket not on a seam) that ns don’t know of yet. I made the plum native this beautiful deep violet (really, I never ever liked purple prior to this) cotton that feels really fine and also soft. A fifty percent yard that it price me a totality quarter at my local thrift. It has a little elastic at the bottom come fit end Jack’s thumb and also to make it an ext plum shaped. The plum is stuffed a little and lined with the purple and also red print as well. Other than for the pie, i stuffed every little thing with the new eco- familiar fiberfil i beg your pardon is do from corn. It functioned pretty well, despite I’m no the world’s ideal stuffer so ns don’t to trust me. The package doesn’t have any washing directions on it, so I have no idea if you have the right to wash that or not, but you must be able to right?

All in all, I’m really happy through how everything turned out. When I began to make toys from nursery rhyme characters I had this idea that they have to be contempt interactive–not yes, really the best word, however you know what i mean. So, Jack, the pie, and also the plum room all separate and you have the right to act out the happiness (if you room so inclined) or simply put them in various poses on display. Watch the whole rhyme in pictures on my flickr page.

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As I stated before, this is mine entry for the Softies main Holiday awards (holiday smorgasbord category). So walk look at all the fabulous entries right now!