Perpendicular lines room lines, segments or rays that crossing to kind right angles.

The price ⊥ method is perpendicular come .


In the figure,

p R ⊥ Q S

The right angle symbol in the figure indicates that the lines space perpendicular.

In three dimensions, you have the right to have three lines which space mutually perpendicular.


The beam p T → , T U → and T W → are perpendicular to every other.

example :


If A B ⊥ C D , uncover m ∠ E O D .

since A B ⊥ C D , m ∠ B O D = 90 ° .

by the Angle addition Postulate,

m ∠ B O E + m ∠ E O D = m ∠ B O D

permit x ° be the measure of ∠ E O D .


35 ° + x ° = 90 ° .

Subtract 35 ° from every side.

x ° = 55 °


m ∠ E O D = 55 ° .

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