Naming an easy geometric figures

In this lesson fine look at simple geometric numbers like points, lines, line segments, rays, and also angles, and we’ll talk around how to surname them.

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A suggest is a representation of a ar in space. Its price is a single letter, and also it’s represented as a dot. Point ???A??? could look favor this:



A line extends to infinity in two opposite directions, for this reason it have the right to be thought of as the straight path that connects 2 points (and extends previous them). The symbol because that a heat is 2 letters that stand for two points on the line, with a twin arrowed line end them.A illustration of a line demands to it is in straight and also have arrows ~ above both ends. Heat ???AB??? (also dubbed line ???BA???), can look favor this:



Line segments

A heat segment is a item of a line the connects 2 points. The points at the end of the line segment are called endpoints. You surname a line segment by using its endpoints.

The symbol for a line segment is the letter surname of every of the endpoints with a line over the top. A drawing of a heat segment has two points in ~ the ends.



Another part of a heat is dubbed a ray. A ray is the component of heat that has one endpoint and also one side that goes on to infinity. You name a ray v the endpoint and also any other suggest on the ray.

The symbol because that a ray must encompass the endpoint which is typically written first, and also another allude on the ray. The 2 points will have a one-sided arrow over the optimal that points come the letter that the point on the “line” part of the ray. Ray ???\vecAB??? could look like this:


When two rays re-publishing a typical endpoint, they form an angle. The typical endpoint the the edge is dubbed the vertex. These are means to surname angles:

Writing the angle shape and then the letter that synchronizes to the vertex.

Writing the edge shape and then 3 letters: the point from the first ray, the point from the vertex, and also the suggest from the critical ray.

Writing the edge shape, the allude from the last ray, the allude from the endpoint, the allude from the very first ray.

You can additionally name an angle through a small letter letter or number. If the lowercase letter or number is created inside of the angle, climate you compose the edge symbol and whatever name is inside of the angle.

If girlfriend choose method 2 or 3, be certain to placed the crest in the middle of the name! right here is an angle named four various ways: edge ???\angle B??? or ???\angle ABE??? or ???\angle EBA??? or ???\angle 1???.

How to create the names for points, heat segments, lines, rays, and angles

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What component of the diagram is stood for by the letter?


What does the letter ???f??? stand for in the diagram?

The letter ???f??? to represent a line. The same line could also be dubbed line ???AB??? or line ???BA???.

Let’s look at at specify name angles.


What are three various other names for ???\angle 4???? Are any of the name a negative choice? Why or why not?

???E??? is the vertex of ???\angle 4???, so it have the right to be called ???\angle E???, ???\angle CEB???, or ???\angle BEC???. In this instance ???\angle E??? would certainly be a bad an option for the name since angles ???1???, ???2???, and also ???3??? also share vertex ???E???.

Let’s try an example where we identify geometric figures by their written names.

When 2 rays share a common endpoint, they kind an angle. The common endpoint that the edge is dubbed the vertex.


Match the price on the left with the surname of the figure on the right.

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Remembering what every symbol represents have the right to go a long method in helping you to solve and interpret geometry questions. We’ll rearrange the obelisk on the right so that each description corresponds to the correct symbol.

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