This is a commercial ad of Lincoln. This commercial was released in November 2017 in united States. Under the title of “Lincoln: Olivia’s great List”.

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It all starts with a wish. Make yours come true v exclusive offers across our whole lineup throughout the Lincoln Wish list Sales Event:

It to be done by Hudson Rouge, new York advertising agency. And, the advertisement by Production company is cotton Content and also is command by Patrick Daughters.

Text: Lincoln presents Olivia’s Wish perform It every starts v a great The Lincoln motor Company

The commercial track is “VI. Waltz 2 from Jazz Suite No. 2″ through Dmitri Shostakovich. Because that those of friend who prefer this tune “VI. Waltz 2 indigenous Jazz Suite No. 2”, you deserve to download the from Amazon or iTunes.

Yet one more version, choose a video, was used in a Lincoln commercial, yet the song supplied in the advertising has another commercial. more

Watch the entirety advertisement here.

Lincoln: Olivia’s Wish perform Client: Lincoln engine Company Geo: United says Released: October 2017 proclaiming Agency: Hudson Rouge, brand-new York Producer: Shelley Giera creative Director: Kevin Teevens Associate an imaginative Director: Gong Liu VP Account Director: Gary Rosowski EVP, an international CCO: Jon Pearce SVP, Group an innovative Director: Jeff Payne ar Director, Lincoln Social: Ashley Eldridge administration Supervisor: Bryan Coole advertising Compliance Director: Charlotte Curiston manufacturing Company: Anonymous content Director: Patrick Daughters managing Director / executive Producer: Eric Stern Head the Production: Kerry Haynie Producer: Laura Miller manufacturing Supervisor: Ari Chang advertisement Coordinator: Kailey Aleto director of Photography: Jess hall Editorial: Rock record Scissors Editor: Ted guard Producer: Jenny green field VFX: The Mill executive Producer: Melanie Wickham Producer: Lauren Orban combine Producer: Ashley Goodwin extr Production: Colin Blaney, Abi Klimaszewska shooting Supervisor: Kshitij Khanna VFX Creative: The Mill creative Directors: Gavin Wellsman, Corey Brown 2D lead Artist: Kshitij Khanna 3D lead Artist: Justin Kurtz 2D Artist: Corey Brown, Kieran Hanrahan, Patrick Heinen, Molly Intersimone, Ting Jung-Hsu, Sung Eun Moon, by means of Nguyen, Sebastian Romero, Sohee Sohn, Nick Tanner, Lee Towndrow 3D Artist: Juan Carlos Barquet, Incheol Jeong, Jonathan McCoy, Sandor Toledo, Alek Vacura, hubert Wozniak Matte Painting: Kristin Johnson, Charles Lee, Cedric Mernard Colour: The Mill Colourist: Damien valve Der Cruyssen an elderly Colour Producer: Rochelle Brown production Coordinator, Colour: Blake Rice color Assists: Daniel Moisoff, Elias Nousiopoulos, Nate Seymour, Aysha Mazumdar Stanger Music: VI.

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Waltz 2 from Jazz Suite No. 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich