As a Lexus RX 350 driver, her dashboard warning lamp are some of your most powerful tools. They permit you understand when there’s an issue with your deluxe SUV, and, if there is, you can carry it to our state-of-the-art company center now at Ira Lexus the Manchester near Merrimack and Bedford, brand-new Hampshire.

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Keep analysis to learn more about what each symbol looks like, what it means, and also what you have to do.




Tire pressure Warning Light

In the unified States, vehicles are forced to come equipped v a Tire press Warning System. This ensures the you constantly know once it’s time to take it it in to get those tires refilled. That looks prefer an exclamation point within a tire, and also it will certainly light up without blinking in ~ all.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Ah, the ubiquitous inspect Engine Light. The looks specifically like it sound (like one engine), and also it can mean a the majority of things: the engine is misfiring, there’s a loose cap or valve, there’s some sort of an problem with the electronic devices system, you require an oil change. Our team can figure it out.

Brake system Warning Light

This is merely the indigenous BRAKE in all caps (just like that). More often 보다 not, it comes on in red, and also it’s exceptionally serious. If you notice it, pull end in a safe location as easily as possible, contact your roadside assistance provider, and also then create an appointment through our team.

Oil pressure Warning Light

This is likewise a serious indicator that generally illuminates in red. There’s either short or abnormal oil press in the engine, which means that you need an experienced to take a look.

Slip Indicator Light

This is one Lexus RX 350 dashboard warning light that doesn’t always require any activity on her part. If this icon lights up and flashes (which looks choose a vehicle trailed by wavy lines), the probably method that among your Lexus traction solution is engaged. However, if it lights up and stays solid, that can mean that there’s a break down with one of the traction system. In the case, call us.

SRS Warning Light

This lets you know when there’s a major problem with the airbag systems, and it looks prefer a passenger that is sit in the car covered by one airbag. It’s one of the most an essential lights.

Other Dashboard Warnings Lights

However, friend should additionally keep an eye the end for few of these icons:

Open Door Warning LightLow Fuel Level Warning LightMaster Warning LightPower Steering Warning LightBrake Override mechanism Warning LightParking Brake Indicator

If that’s a many to save track of, fear not! our technicians space well-versed in every the RX 350 lights/symbols.

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At the end of the day, we have actually one the the best-respected business centers around new Hampshire. That way Bedford, Merrimack, and also surrounding towns and cities. We’ll take a look at her dashboard lights, diagnose the issue, fix the problem, and also have her Lexus RX 350 to run like brand-new in no time.