Ever wondered what causes the smell once matchsticks room burnt? Well, the price is SO2!

SO2 is a an extremely beneficial gas. In addition to its main use, i.e sulfuric mountain formation, SO2 has multiple attributes in this chemistry industry.

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But prior to going v them, stop a tiny and offer a read to this article. Due to the fact that in the end, friend will have actually deep knowledge around all the basics of SO2 you have to know, prior to moving on v the reactions.

So stop begin!!

Sulfur dioxide is spelled together Sulphur dioxide in republic English. This is a pungent-smelling, colorless gas.

Talking around its properties, SO2 has actually a molar fixed of 64.066 g/mol. The melting allude and cook points room -72℃, and -10℃ respectively.

Now let’s relocate on to the an essential concepts prefer lewis structure, molecule geometry, MO Diagram, and hybridization of SO2.

SO2 Lewis Structure

Before directly jumping into the lewis structure of SO2, let’s have actually a fast discussion concerning the importance of lewis structure and also the steps to attract it.

Lewis structure is the circulation of the electrons around the atoms of a compound.

This structure helps united state to know about the sort of bonds and the variety of bonds that type the compound.

Now let’s walk v the method of drawing lewis structure:

Step 1 – Figuring the end the total variety of valence electrons in the molecule is the very first and most important step. While doing so, do take treatment of the +, – signs. A ‘+’ sign method losing electrons and also ‘-‘ method gaining.

Steps 2 – following thing is figuring out the main atom. The atom with the highest variety of bonding sites is the main atom.

Step 3 – The 3rd step is developing a skeleton structure with single bonds only.

Step 4 – Next, our work-related is completing the octet of the atoms v the continuing to be electrons, ~ the development of the single bonds. Constantly begin v the electronegative atoms then move to the electropositive ones.

Step 5 – Giving double or triple binding is vital if it is necessary for fulfilling the octet dominion for every atoms.

Step 6 – in ~ last, it’s necessary to examine if every the atoms are having actually their lowest feasible formal charge. Formal charge calculation have the right to be excellent using:-


Now let’s view the lewis framework of SO2.


In SO2, the sulfur’s valence electron = 6

And the valence electrons of oxygen = 6

There room 2 oxygen atom in the compound, for this reason = 6*2 = 12

So, total valence electrons = 18

After drawing the bones structure, we have the right to see that none that the atoms can fulfill their octet with single bonds. So over there is a need for a dual bond. Thus the number of electrons offered in double bonds = 8

Subtracting that from the complete valence electron we obtain 10 electron remaining. We need to ar these continuing to be electrons approximately the atoms as per the requirement.

This will finally complete the octet of the atoms. Oxygen has 2 lone pairs and sulfur has actually 1 lone pair.

At last, nothing forget to examine the formal charge of all the atoms!

The following topic we require to understand is the hybridization the SO2.

SO2 Hybridization

The hybridization of SO2 is Sp2.

Now hybridization the SO2 have the right to be interpreted in 2 ways, one is the theory and the 2nd is directly applying the formula. Ns would suggest learning the theory an initial and climate you deserve to surely go for the formal.

A quick tip for you, as soon as 1 s orbital unites with 2 ns orbitals it outcomes in Sp2 hybridization having 3 identical orbitals.

Likewise, in situation of SO2, the floor state digital configuration is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p4. As soon as in one excited state, one electron indigenous 3px, move to 3d orbital. Hence we have actually 3p3.

Now, the 3s2 and also 3p3 combine to type Sp2 hybridization through 3 identical orbitals, include 2 combine electrons and 2 unpaired.

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For developing 2 sigma bonds through oxygen atoms, sulfur demands the 2 unpaired electrons from the Sp2 hybridized orbitals. And also the continuing to be 2 combine orbitals type the lone pair of sulfur.

Wondering around the various other 2 electrons of 3p which were not associated in hybridization?

Well, those 2 (i.e one of the 3p orbital and also another electron in 3d) created the