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Also known As: LEGO Star battles 2: The initial Trilogy, LEGO Star Wars: The original Trilogy and also Star battles II: The original Trilogy (LEGO)Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Unknown Publisher: Lucas arts ESRB Rating: Everyone-10 relax Date: September 14, 2006

To it is in Darth Maul indigenous Episode1 The Phantom Menaceyou have to go to the tube in the cantina andpick this in the adhering to order.1. Choose a hood2. Choose a maul head3. Pick lukes jedi body4. Then black color belt5. Black pants and also hands6. Pick a red lightsaberthen you will be darth maul.

In episode IV: thing 5 - fatality Star to escape in free Play mode, usage 3CPO to unlock the an initial door. Then, use someone that has pressure powers to put together the fridge in the room. The fridge will certainly open and also a super Red power Block will pop out, allowing you to buy Invincibility in the cantina because that 900,000 Studs.

This trick just works in Multiplayer mode and only stays efficient for the level. Once you leaving a component of any kind of level, her party will be through you no matter where castle were prior to you left that component of the level. Because that example, if her friend or ally jumps turn off a cliff and also you leaving that component of the level as he dies, that will appear next come you with no hearts. That or she can not be killed by anything other than falling and/or stepping in the quicksand or deep dirt from Degobah. This effect will end if you dice from falling or switch characters. This can be repetitive as countless times as desired.

Admiral Ackbar: walk to the panel to the left and also open the door through IG-88. Then, use your heat detonators to punch up the wall of junk. Next, construct the thing alongside the chamber. Ackbar is inside.

While playing through a personality that offers a lightsaber, push X to attack, however do not immediately press the again. Wait till the slash/attack stops, then quickly press X as quickly as that stops. If done correctly, the following slash/attack will attribute a "sparkle" result on the lightsaber blade. Carry out the same thing for a distinct finishing attack. Additionally, automatically after the first or second slash/attack, push Jump for a special jump the puts friend behind her target. Push X while in the air for a tiny area of impact attack.

Obi-Wan (Mission 2): take it 4-lom to the lift wherein the R2D2 regulate panel is located. Open up it and also go up the lift. Pull the levers after walking on the foot marks and enter the following room. Usage the regulate panel again and go with to the critical room. Obi-Wan is on the right. Smash v the boxes and he will be standing in the little doorway.

R2D2 (Mission 1): get in the Bounty Hunter area. Save going forward, climate stop once you get to a wall. Enter both feet at the next of the wall. Legos will fly out. Construct it into a doorway. Inside is R2D2.

While in a double score area with one more human player, death them and collect your Studs. Repeat this as much as desired to gain an unlimited number of Studs. The amount of Studs shed will stay the same, if the amount of Studs gained from picking up your partner"s will double.

In illustration IV: A brand-new Hope - death Star Escape, ~ you follow a Stormtrooper down the hallway, you will be bombarded through a big number the Stormtroopers. Use a bounty hunter to throw a heat Detonator. As soon as it hits the ground, set it off. It should damage a great majority of the Stormtroopers.

If you are vastly outnumbered with Stormtroopers shoot from left, right and also center and you have R2-D2 in your party, usage the following trick. First, do R2 your energetic character. Enemies will never ever shoot in ~ a droid. Then, press the Stormtroopers closer to your friends and also then zap them with R2"s electric prod kind weapon. They will certainly promptly prevent shooting and rub their sore spot. Easily switch to a member which has actually a item that have the right to do damages (for example, Han Solo or Luke Skywalker). Shooting the Stormtrooper while he is nursing his laser burn. After he is killed, make R2 your energetic character and also repeat the process until friend have beat them.

When you reach the component where you have to pull the levers to location the bombs beside Darth Vader, ~ you ar the bombs use a Bounty Hunter to litter a thermal Detonator. Once it will the bombs, collection off the Detonator. The should collection off the bombs through one shot.

Go to the Jabba"s royal residence level. With the component where you get the power brick and become a Dark Jedi. Then, use the pressure on the floor. Obtain on a spider and also go down the hole. It may take a few attempts, but eventually you should come to be the spider. Change to any kind of character and jump. Girlfriend should have actually made a clone that the character you jumped with.

This trick needs R2-D2 and self destruct. Once you must battle a boss (for example, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, etc.), readjust yourself and your 2nd character to R2-D2. Walk right up to them and self destruct. It will take away a heart. Carry out this as countless times together desired.

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While external the cantina, switch to a Jedi. Go to a door, then double jump through the door. Rather of going inside the cantina you will certainly be inside the door.