The legal facet of the Music sector is not basic one. To get legal representation it prices you money and also specifically, to get legal representation to draft agreements for any kind of potential company dealing that comes to the music sector is also as costly. Sadly, since individuals may not have the funds, having suitable agreements can be detrimental on a organization but additional on one artist.

You are watching: Legal contracts guide the relationship between artists and record labels circulation has constantly received requests because that legal agreements and also assistance and we’re happy to produce this company in partnership with Music regulation Contracts (UK) to offer a wide selection of legit contracts because that sale at a price effective price. We’ve got contracts for various different species of situations and business dealings v each editable via PDF and/or Word. Every sales are final. No refunds accepted.


Complete Contract load (40+ Contracts)

Do you want every one of the contracts that we market individually and some additional goodies? This is the package because that you. Every single contract, that’s right all 40 contracts and some new ones not obtainable individually space in this one zip file! You obtain them in miscellaneous versions and also for various countries all because that you to be able to take advantage and develop your legit arsenal.


Publishing Label load (7 Contracts)All the contracts the you could ever dream of the pertain specifically to record labels the are additionally publishers. An extremely helpful to be able to grow her brand from just being a document label to a full-fledged publisher that enables you to develop a long-lasting partnership with your artists. Full overview of accessible contracts below.


Producer fill (9 Contracts)You a producer/artist? You may need part contracts also to ensure the you have actually your organization affairs in order. Examine out the outline of obtainable agreements below!

Live Work fill (7 Contracts)Promoters, DJs, Bands have all one thing in typical (well at least in most cases). They all play live. This contracts cover assorted LIVE present related events and also occurrences. Overview of obtainable contracts:

DJ – Promoter ContractArtist – Promoter AgreementVenue – Promoter AgreementSponsorship and Endorsement ContractBooking Form (UK & AUSTRALIA ONLY)Agent-Artist_Agreement (UK & AUSTRALIA ONLY)Agent-Hirer_Promoter_Venue Agreemet (UK ONLY)
Independent Artist load (13 Contracts)There are plenty of events in which bands with multiple members don’t work out. Frequently times it’s since there is no clear expectation over the kind of cooperation available. This contract fill covers joint ventures and also a band partnership agreement and also other advantageous contracts! synopsis below:

Synchronization pack (4 Contracts)If you room planning on taking your music to the next level and get it licensed on TV, Film, and also you are doing that yourself, these agreements will be important in helping you broaden to the area. Outline of available agreements below:

Master Track license (for film, TV)Music Composition and Recording company ContractNon-exclusive licensing ContractSynchronisation license Contract

Music distribution ContractWith this agreement the owner of master recordings sponsor an exclusive right to distribute ‘records’ embodied in any type of format (compact discs, phonograph records, audio cassette tapes, digital audio tapes, DVD, etc) for a certain duration of time (the Term) and in certain countries (The Territory).

360 deal Recording ContractAn agreement setup out the conditions in i beg your pardon a music agency engages one artist v respect come his/her/their services as a recording artist, songwriter, composer/arranger of music and actor/actress (for film, TV and Theatre). It additionally grants the music company merchandise, sponsorship and also endorsements civil liberties for the usage of the artist’s names, likenesses, and also related intellectual Property.

360-type deals have actually come about as the recording labels solution to three major trends in the music industry in recent years: (1) the steady decline of revenue from record sales, (2) the increase in price of ticket to live events and also fan expenditure ~ above merchandise and also (3) the strengthening of the capabilities of the collecting societies and publishers getting better at their functions which translates in revenue from publicly performance and synchronisation becoming more and an ext significant.

Recording and also Publishing covenant On specific RecordingsAn commitment under i beg your pardon an Artist assigns both recording and also publishing rights to a brand in exchange for an advance, royalties and a commitment native the brand to fund and release the recordings and procure synchronization and/or performance license for the compositions.

Useful for labels looking to acquire both recording and also publishing civil liberties from artist for details songs using one agreement.

Example: if two partners get with each other to compose a song and one write the lyrics and also the various other writes the music, either writer can approve non-exclusive licenses for the entire composition (provided they salary each other their re-publishing of income) but neither is enabled to simply pick their part of the composition and also leave the various other without continuing to salary their percentage of all the earnings if together is generated from the usage of the component which the party wrote and also re-used.

Band AgreementA band covenant sets out exactly how the team is run on a day-to-day basis, how decisions are taken and also what will occur to the band’s name, domain and logo if the tape is dissolved.

This agreement additionally deals v the concern of who is entitled to what share of the songs and the income. This is a really tricky subject and also a an extremely emotive one, which is why the tape should deal with it in ~ the beginning of the relationship before money starts to it is in earned.

A band agreement is a crucial document that will occupational as blue publish band members can refer to when taking necessary decisions and help them settle disputes easily. This band commitment contract is 7 pages long.

Collaboration AgreementIn today’s music market, working v singers and/or various other producers is a great way come maximize and also increase her profile presence. With this agreement, you’ll have the ability to easily and quickly occupational with another talented artist, singer, drummer, or everything other separation, personal, instance you feel can help elevate your recording(s).

Instrumentals space cool yet do you know what rather is cool? having actually some cool and also catchy vocals on that instrumental. This agreement will assist you placed a hook or catchy vocal in your original production without having to walk to the studio. Elevate her recording and ensure the owner of the recording is reasonably compensated.

Also known as work for hire agreement, this is a contract whereby a musician agrees to perform a music composition for a fee but renounces come all and any interest in the understand recording, the composition and also waives any kind of other associated rights such as the moral rights. Helpful agreement to prevent session musicians claiming any kind of ownership rights or re-publishing of performance income after they have actually been engaged and also paid a fee for their services.

Set of two contracts which administer you with everything you should clear the recording of a sample and the composition embedded in the recordings. Commitment pack contains:

Sample Clearance covenant with document label: wherein the owner the a recording grants a non-exclusive patent for the usage of a portion of the master Recording in a new recording performed by an artistSample Clearance agreement with Publisher: wherein the owner the a composition grants a non-exclusive license for the use of a part of the composition in a brand-new recording carry out by an artist.
Producer Contract because that Signed ArtistAn covenant where one artist appoints a producer to produce a recording or a number of recordings for the record label that the artist is signed to. The label makes available a budget for the producer i beg your pardon is inclusive of a recording spending plan (money provided to pay because that studio time and general expenses incurred in the make of the records) and an advance. Stated advance, return non-returnable, is fully recoupable from the share of royalties the producer will acquire once the recordings are commercialized.

This commitment is made between a producer and an artist who is already signed. Masters produced by the producer will become component of the artist collection that is assigned come the document label under a record Agreement.

The template also contains letters of direction (1) to brand in respect to payment of budgets and royalties to producer and (2 – us version only) to SoundExchange because that the collection of statutory power royalties deriving from usage in radio, streaming services and TV music channels.dfs

Producer Contract (Pro-Artist)An covenant under which an Artist engages a Producer to conduct recording sessions and deliver certain tracks for a fee. The Producer will make reasonable initiatives to current such compositions to labels with the see of securing a deal. In the event, such transaction is secured the producer will obtain a commission on the breakthrough by the label as well as royalties on future income. This contract is 2 pages long.

The label will certainly account fifty percent (50%) that net profits after recording, promotional, manufacture, distribution, legal and bookkeeping costs are recouped. Because that synchronization usages the aristocracy will be of seventy-five percent (75%) and also the artist is allowed to procure his/her own licenses provided it payment ten percent (10% gross) to label for any type of income produced from such licenses.

This is a flexible contract for a label looking come license specific recordings however do no wish to tie up an artist together a recording/performing artist exclusively for a number of years or for a number of releases. It deserve to be supplied as a attempt agreement prior to moving on come an exclude, recording type of arrangement.

Music publishing ContractAs a songwriter, you may be interested in business, however your talent are finest spent in creating. However, someone requirements to take care of business, and that’s where the publishing sector came from. When a publisher provides a standard address a songwriter, it will find users because that the content, concern licenses, collection money and pay the writer(s) conditions of which will certainly be had in the posting Contract.

Tour commitment – Artist ContractTouring is how countless musicians make revenue in the music industry. Setup up a tour can be very facility and this agreement will help in the process. This agreement can be functioned with an company and/or for assorted venues and serves as a draft/start to get a custom tour turn off the ground.

Live Promoter – Artist ContractThis is one agreement by which a promoter engages an artist to carry out at one event, ~ above a specific date and also for a specified size of time. The promoter agrees to remunerate the artist because that the satisfactory performance of the engagement and also to assist arrange transport and accommodation if required.

The artist agrees to carry out the engagement come the finest of his/her capability and to carry out promoter v materials, photographs, biography, CV, and recordings because that the promotion of the engagement.

Both parties agree to salary their very own tax contributions and also to comply v all rules, regulations, and agreements relating to health and also safety. Agreement useful for promoters spring to have a paper in location that comprehensively covers every one of the most common issues pertained to live engagements.

Merchandising civil liberties ContractThis is an exclude, agreement whereby an Artist grants merchandising legal rights to a firm which allows the latter to usage the Artist’s name, logo, likeness, picture, artwork, trademarks etc., transparent a identified territory in link with manufacture and sale of commodities of any kind of kind.

Company accounts fifty percent (50%) of income to artist after ~ recouping manufacturing and transport costs. Beneficial for labels or manufacturing companies spring to gain an exclusive patent to artists’ pundit property because that the manufacture of goods.

Promoter-Venue ContractThis is an agreement through which a promoter hires a venue for a specific date in exchange for payment of a fee. The Venue will guarantee the promoter details capacity and opening times and also reasonable technological requirement forced by the artist performing in ~ the event.

The promoter agrees to be specifically responsible for all costs related come the promotion and marketing that the event and also to be responsible for any fines imposed on the venue related to said promotion.

Both next agree to act in a expert manner at every times to not act, omit or run negligently or recklessly resulting in the impossibility to carry out the event. The contract deserve to be customised to allow the promoter to administer his/her own bar stock, sound engineers and security because that the event.

DJ-Promoter ContractThis is one agreement whereby a promoter engages a DJ to do at an event, in ~ a details date and also for a specified length of time. The promoter agrees to remunerate DJ because that the satisfactory power of the engagement and also to meet specific requirements as asked for by DJ (including a for sure performance area, electric outlets, and crowd regulate personnel). This covenant is beneficial for promoters looking to have actually a document in ar that comprehensively covers all of the most typical issues concerned live DJ music engagements.

Artist management ContractThis is a layout for an to exclude, artist management covenant for a ax of 3 (3) years. Duties of the manager defined in the covenant include:

Give advice in connection with image, branding, advertising, trends, and publicity.Promote and also further the artist’s career.Seek avenues to exploit the artist’s tasks and the connected products.Ensure the payments are collected and negotiate third-party contracts.Work actively to assist secure record and publishing deals (if applicable).

The artist’s duties include carrying out to the best capacity and in a punctual and sober manner all agreements, engagements, performances and promotional tasks obtained by the manager. The administer commission is characterized as 20% on gross profits with the exception of touring and merchandise activities on i beg your pardon commission is calculated on network profits. Manager is likewise able come reclaim agreed prices incurred while delivering out his or she duties together manager. Consists of helping drafting documents and US, UK, and Australian versions!

While it’s strongly advisable to have an attorney customise your covenant to your state or region’s specific legislation, we’ve provided you a little of a head begin by consisting of three sport of the artist administration contract.

Non-Disclosure AgreementAn commitment which sets the end the problems in i beg your pardon an agent engages one Artist with respect to different species of entertainment and performance commitments procured through the Agent. This contract is 5 pages long.

To comply through the 2003 legislation ‘The conduct of employed Agencies and Employment Businesses’ together engagement could not it is in made top top an exclusive basis and therefore Artist is not prevented from functioning with various other agents or even straight with hirers that the agent has introduced to the Artist.

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Sponsorship ContractThis design template compiles a comprehensive number of clauses dealing with different issues concerning the sponsoring of artist or events. Typically, a sponsor payment a amount to a manager (of one artist or one event) because that the appropriate to display screen the sponsor’s advertising and/or sell sponsor’s products at an event or series of events.